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The Jumbo Twist Hairdo Is Beyoncé-Approved & You’ve Got To Try It STAT!

The Jumbo Twist Hairdo Is Beyoncé-Approved & You’ve Got To Try It STAT!

There’s a new hairstyle on the block, and we think it’s perfect for Little Miss Busy. Say hello to jumbo twists! They’re the best hairstyle to sport if you don’t have time to visit the salon. From Amandla Stenberg to Beyoncé, everyone’s going crazy about this hair trend and after you see their pictures, you will too! One of the main reasons to love jumbo twists is that they are super easy to do and equally easy to undo! 

Jumbo Twists Is The Coolest Hair Trend Of The Year!

Feast your eyes, ladies! 

Compared to micro-braids, jumbo twists are faster to get done and easier to remove. Since the hair is parted and styled in large sections, less pressure is subjected on the scalp. Unlike micro-braids, jumbo twists won’t weigh your hair down. On the contrary, they weigh less and are easier to manage and take care of.  

Now that you know what the jumbo twist hair trend is all about, let’s teach you how to do them!

Step 1: Start by making a middle parting. 

Step 2: Divide each half into smaller but thicker sections (4 on one side and 4 on the other – a total of 8).

Step 3: Secure each section with an elastic band. 

Step 4: Before braiding, first twist the hair as this technique helps to create volume. 

Step 5: Secure each braid with an elastic band (If your hair can hold this hairstyle, then you don’t need to use an elastic band to secure it).

And you’re done! Since this hairstyle offers less strain on the scalp, it benefits those who have sensitive roots and a lower tolerance for pain. 

To make your jumbo twists stand out, feel free to colour your locks or accessories them with ribbons, chains or clips. Should you need hair inspo, take a cue from the QUEENS, Amandla Stenberg and Beyoncé!

Remember, this hairstyle looks best on healthy hair. Before trying this hairstyle, make sure that your locks are hydrated to the tea! Hair masks and hair oils go a long way in ensuring that your tresses are healthy and nourished. Also, jumbo twists look neater when the hair is slightly oiled to help tame flyaways. However, do not overdo the oiling, as it could make your locks look greasy and sticky. A little product goes a long way.

Final Thoughts: If styled correctly, jumbo twists will make your mane stand out in the most glamourous way possible. Go for it, girl!

Featured Image: Instagram

10 Nov 2020

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