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Pani Puri Shots, Anyone? 8 *Unique* Ideas To Serve Food At Your Wedding!

Pani Puri Shots, Anyone? 8 *Unique* Ideas To Serve Food At Your Wedding!

Chaat in a paper plate, soft drinks and jaljeera being served on shiny steel trays and paneer and chicken tikka on skewers being slowly grilled to perfection with guests standing around the stall, waiting for their turn to taste those delicacies. Sounds like a scene from a typical desi wedding, right? Well, since the food is the single most important thing at a wedding, it’ll be nice to infuse some uniqueness into the serving style as well. Here are some new cool ideas for serving food at your wedding. Trust us, your guests will love them!

1. Spoon feeding, anyone?

Steer away from the cliche ways of serving bite-sized snacks. Enough of the tiny plates and forks, and tikkas individually stuck on toothpicks. Serve them in a soup spoon garnished with a little bit of seasoning (mint chutney – all time favourite). It is such an easy, no-nonsense way of eating without getting your hands dirty! Everybody will love this one, for sure! You can serve prawns, tikkas, pakodas and so much more.

2. Pop it up with popcorn…

Popcorns are something which nobody ever considers serving at a wedding, but just imagine how fun it could be. Tiny colourful paper bags filled with various flavours of popcorn. It will not only be a unique addition to the menu, but also make for a fun snack, especially for the kids. You can pass these around during the late-night pheras and even personalize the bags with the initials of the bride & groom printed on them.

3. Dessert on a platter

Ice cream scoops served in a side plate is so 2016! Give your guests a taste of something new with tiny dessert platters such as these. Talk to your caterer about various combinations that you can serve together. From a cheesecake with iced americano, kulfi and faluda to jalebi with rabdi in a shot glasses there’s a lot you can choose from.


You can also get these cutesy cake stands to serve yummy deserts to your guests. They are available on Amazon for Rs 788!

4. Chaat on the rocks

This one is our favourite for obvious reasons! Who could have thought that cocktail glasses can be used like this too? Chaat is like soul food for all of us desi people and serving it with this amazing western twist will surely make your guests very happy.

Get a set of 6 clear Martini glasses from Amazon for Rs 1,100. Great addition to your crockery closet, guys!

5. Wedding takeaways or what!

The most difficult part of attending a wedding is having to eat while standing up, in most cases. So, to spare your guests the trouble, what better than serving them snacks in such cutesy and practical takeaway boxes. This way, they can roam around, socialize and eat at the same time without having to balance their heavy dinner plates. Your guests will love you for this! It’s a great option for the more relaxed functions such as the mehendi.


6. Soupy goodness

Soups are the most welcoming appetizers during winter weddings. The chilly winds and a steaming bowl of tomato soup in hand – heaven! Wait, make that a glass of soup in hand. Seriously, this is not just adorable to look at, but highly practical too. Again, it helps guests to move around freely while enjoying the flavourful delicacy warming them up!

7. Let’s do shots – pani puri shots!

Don’t tell us that this didn’t make your mouth water, because we know it did! But what is more interesting is the presentation. So basically, you pop a puri in your mouth, followed by the paani from the glass. Just the thought of it has us all excited! Make that vodka pani puri shots for the sangeet night! No more standing in a que!

You might want to try this at home too! Buy this set of 6 shot glasses from Amazon for Rs 387 and have some fun with your family and friends!

8. Fills and refills

It’s so much fun pouring out a drink for yourself, so why not let your guests experience the same? If you have a summer wedding, or a destination wedding at a beach, surprise your guests with tiny dispensers filled with fruit infused water, juice, aam panna and what not! You can also pour beer into one of them, just saying!

12 Oct 2017

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