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10 *New* And Fun Workouts You Should Try Before 2016 Ends!

10 *New* And Fun Workouts You Should Try Before 2016 Ends!

Are you bored of doing the same old workout and need something more exciting to get the fat burning in your body? Here are some amazing new forms of exercise and workouts that we all wouldn’t mind giving a shot this year. From ballet to cycling in the water, there are so many to choose from!


1. Booiaka

1 new forms of workout

Image: Booiaka

A dance fitness program which combines different dance styles into making this one effective workout. Created by an Italian dancer, Tatiana, the idea was to let people enjoy workout by considering it to be a dance session.

2. Antigravity – Aerial Yoga

new forms of exercise - aerial yoga

Image: Bio Rhythm India

An interesting take on traditional yoga, founded by a gymnast and a dancer, Christopher Harrison, where yoga asanas, acrobatics and pilates are combined to give the body a new form of exercise. All while being suspended from a hammock!

3. Aqua Cycling

3 new forms of workout

Image: Aqua Studio 

Spinning classes under water? Seems like a great new way of cycling! With the surrounded pressure of water being much higher than air, there is an increase in blood circulation and a constant massaging of the muscles which helps in building muscle and toning them faster.

4. Bungee Workout Classes

4 new forms of workout

Image: Chaise 23 Studio 

Chaise Ballet Bungee is one class that helps bring out the dancer in you. From being suspended from bungees to performing piques and plies, this is one elegant workout session. We just really can’t wait for it to begin in India as well!

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5. Piloxing

new forms of exercise - piloxing

Image: Piloxing 

A wonderful combination of kickboxing along with pilates makes this one super-fun workout. Viveca created this by putting the best aspects from both forms of exercises together. You’ve got the gracefulness from pilates best for toning your body and kickboxing helps in making your core stronger. A great workout for us women!

6. Tabata

6 new forms of workout

Image: Shutterstock 

Formed by a Japanese scientist and his team, Tabata is a high intensity interval training workout in which you push hard then take a short interval and come back to it again. From four minutes of mountain climbers to rounds of push ups, those 4 minutes can be really tough…as long as you last.

7. Real Ryder

7 new forms of workout

Image: Real Ryder 

Giving an experience of riding a bicycle outdoors while being stationary at one place sounds like quite a challenge. The maneuvers, the pedalling and the balance, all of it feels like you are outdoors. Real Ryder is the only one who make these bicycles and they’re a must try for every fitness enthusiast!

8. Plyometrics

8 new forms of workout

Image: Shutterstock 

Also known as jump training, this one involves a lot of exercises that stretch and contract your muscles while doing quick jumps. A lot of skipping, hopping and squats, this one is super effective if you are training for agility for a sport.

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9. Barre

9 new forms of workout

Image: Shutterstock 

You know the horizontal bar that ballet dancers use or take support from while they are warming up? This form of exercise is concentrated around the usage of this bar. It not only increases flexibility to also helps tone the body!

10. Iyengar Yoga

new forms of exercise

Image: Shutterstock

Developed after B.K.S Iyengar, in this form of yoga, there is a lot of emphasis given to technique, sequence and timing. A few props are used to make the asanas more defined and thus is befitting for anyone looking to learn yoga as a beginner.

21 Oct 2016

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