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Time For A Netflix Party ‘Coz These New & Upcoming Movies Are Too Good To Be Missed

We all have been guilty of Netflixing all day long whilst ignoring all of our responsibilities. And why shouldn’t we? We all deserve to catch up with our fave shows after a long day at work. Plus, it is a good way to forget about your life struggles and enter into the imaginary world of movies!

If you are a fellow procrastinator who has probably watched everything that Netflix has to offer, then these upcoming releases will make you very happy. With that being said, here are some of the new and upcoming movies on Netflix, both Hollywood and Bollywood that you need to stream, STAT!

Upcoming Movies On Netflix

Time to make some popcorn as these upcoming movies on Netflix are too good to be missed. Yup, we’ve got a great selection of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies for all you movie buffs out there.

Upcoming Hollywood Movies On Netflix

A Week Away

A Week Away is an upcoming English movie on Netflix that’s a must-watch for all you die-hard romantics. In this musical, a troubled teenager takes a leap of faith and decides to attend a summer camp where to his surprise, he finds friends for life and a sense of belonging.

Release Date: 26th March 2021

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Bad Trip


If you are planning a girls stay-in with a lot of food and drinks, then this is the movie you should watch. Bad Trip is a hilarious movie in which two friends play real pranks on very real people. Yup, hidden cameras capture the duo playing pranks on unsuspecting people and honestly, it is one hell of a joyous ride!

Release Date: 26th March 2021

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Upcoming Bollywood Movies On Netflix


A lot of new Bollywood movies have been released on Netflix recently. So when it comes to upcoming Bollywood movies on Netflix, we only have one to offer!

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Pagglait is an upcoming Bollywood movie on Netflix that revolves around a woman who gets widowed soon after marriage. But surprisingly, she seems almost unaffected by her husband’s sudden demise and in fact, she’s totally enjoying the turn of events! What follows are some hilarious dialogues, lots of emotions and an amazing performance by Taapsee.

Release Date: 26th March 2021

New Movies On Netflix

Have you watched all the new releases on Netflix? If not, here’s our list of recommendations!

New Hollywood Movies On Netflix

We all have that one friend who loves watching all the latest Hollywood movies. And if you are that friend, then you are in for a treat as these new movie releases are currently trending on Netflix! Here, have a look at the list of new Hollywood movies on Netflix.

Deadly Illusions

If you love watching mystery movies, then add Deadly Illusions to your list, STAT. What happens when a novelist hires a nanny to watch over her twin children? Fiction and reality start to blur… Yup, you cannot miss this one!

Watch Now!


This is a movie that you definitely need to watch with your mum! Inspired by her mother’s rebellious past, a shy teenager decides to create some ruckus by calling out sexism in her school, anonymously.

Watch Now!

New Bollywood Movies On Netflix

Since a lot of Bollywood movies are directly getting released on streaming services, what better than enjoying these new Bollywood movies on Netflix from the comfort of your home?

The Girl On The Train

A recent divorcee spends her day fantasizing about this ‘perfect couple’ she sees every day while travelling on a train. She wants everything that they have because she once had it all until one day, the woman dies. The ‘Girl on the train’ is suspected of murder and she cannot remember what actually happened!

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It is a beautiful story about three women and their everyday struggles. One is an acclaimed writer and a single mother, her daughter is a Bollywood actor and a dancer and her daughter is a housewife who wants to lead a normal life away from showbiz. Watch this gripping story today.

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Bombay Rose

Bombay Rose is an animated film that focuses on an orphan boy, Salin who is struggling to live alone. One day, he meets a gorgeous girl, Kamala who sells flowers and they fall in love. The problem– she’s a Hindu and he is a Muslim.

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More Movies To Watch


Now that you know all about the upcoming movie releases on Netflix, it’s time you check out this list too! 

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Best Romantic Movies On Netflix: If you are in a mood to watch some beautiful love sagas, then here are some of the best romantic movies on Netflix that you cannot miss.

Movies Based On True Stories: Some movies inform us about the true events and don’t skimp out on entertainment value. Which is why we’ve rounded up the best movies based on true story. Go ahead, check it out, and thank us later!

Amazon Prime Movies: Looking for some new suggestions to watch on Amazon Prime? We’ve got you. Click now to check out some amazing movies on Prime that you can stream anytime, anywhere.

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Amazon Prime Series: Pause whatever you’re doing and check out these amazing TV series on Amazon Prime that are too good to be missed.

Best Netflix Movies: Are you a Netflix addict? Then check out our list of some of the best Netflix movies to watch today. PS: How many of these have you already seen?

Best Netflix Series: Want to Netflix and chill with your BFF? Then check out these amazing shows on Netflix that’ll make every hangout so much better.

Best Animated Movies on Netflix: Our list of the best-animated movies on Netflix will for sure keep you entertained! Hit it!

Best Comedy Movies:Here’s list of funny comedy movies that will make you laugh AF.

Best Netflix Documentaries  : While there is good content available online to watch, you need to consider these best documentaries on Netflix, check them out.

So, which one of these Netflix new releases are you going to watch over the weekend?

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25 Mar 2021

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