80 Best Hollywood Movies That Should Be On Every Movie Buff's List

80 Best Hollywood Movies That Should Be On Every Movie Buff's List

If you're a cinephile like me and your idea of chilling includes your laptop and a tub of ice cream, then we have some good news for you. It's true that we have very little time and so many movies to binge, but if you do one movie night for a year, you might be able to catch up on all the greatest films in the world. Yes! We did this math for you.

So, we compiled a list of the best Hollywood movies to watch that you can put on your list right away. Some of them are cult classics and others will simply make you feel great. So, fire up some popcorn, get set to binge on these!

Here is the list of top Hollywood movies everyone should watch in their lifetime:

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    Hollywood Horror Movie List

    There is something about horror movies that makes them an incredibly thrilling experience. Put in some great direction and background score and the vibe is set for a night of absolute terror-filled fun. So check out our list of must watch Hollywood movies in the horror genre!

    1. Psycho

    An American psycho-horror film made way back in the 1960s is the story of Norman Bates, played by Anthony Perkins, and a series of totally twisted events in his life. The story opens with a girl stealing money from her employer and running away with her boyfriend. They happen to then arrive at motel that Bates manages. Bate's character is disturbing and twisted, adding to the thrill of the film. Made by Alfred Hitchcock, the master of crime and intrigue films, Psycho is a must watch for anyone who loves dark twisted stories.

    Watch It Here

    2. The Exorcist

    If horror is your genre, then watching this 1973 horror flick is like a right of passage. It's like if you love Bollywood and you haven't watched Sholay! The Exorcist was a chartbuster horror film back when it was released. It's not as slick in graphics, make-up, etc as modern day horror films, but we can guarantee that even today, it's sinister enough to send a shiver down your spine.

    You won't be able to go to the loo alone after you watch this. Based on a real-life story, the movie is all about exorcism. When young Regan starts acting odd by speaking different languages and behaving erratically, her mother seeks medical help. They then find out that she is possessed. Watch the film to find out what happens next.

    Watch it here

    3. The Conjuring

    Another horror hit, based on a true story, The Conjuring is about a family that moves into a new house and experiences paranormal activities. How they get out of the situation with the help of priests who help them get rid of the evil spirit forms the whole story. One of the must watch English movies for thrills, you won’t regret watching it.

    Watch it here   
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    4. The Grudge

    Another one for all horror movie lovers, this one will give you chills worse than a Siberian winter and will make you want to sleep with all the lights on. A story about a family that moves into a new house that already has spirits residing in it. How they deal with the supernatural activities on a day to day basis forms the plot.

    Watch it here

    5. Annabelle: Creation

    Years and years after his daughter's tragic death, a man traps his little girl's soul in a doll. Then the doll reaches a family and makes their life not so exciting. A series of haunted events, based on a true story will surely give you sleepless nights if you're up for it!

    Watch it here

    6. Saw

    On its release, Saw became the second all-time Halloween favourite after The Exorcist. It also marked the shift to more modern and realistic horror stories. Saw was horrendously gruesome, peppered with plot twists, and the first of the six more films that followed in the franchise.

    The film opens with two men -- Adam and Gordon played by Lea Whannell (also the writer of the story) and Cary Elwes waking up to find themselves in a gritty and dirty old bathroom with a dead man between them. A series of clues and riddles reveal that their captor is the Jigsaw killer. But that's only the beginning of what follows -- a dark, twisted and gory couple of hours filled with horror.

    Watch it here

    7. The Devil Inside

    If your appetite for horror isn't satisfied, line up this really god-awful but much-enjoyed horrorama. A woman goes through a series of exorcisms just to figure out the mystery behind exorcisms her mother went through during which she supposedly bumped off three people. We know it sounds ridiculous as a plot, but watch it. There's enough horror crap to delight any buff of the genre.

    Watch it here

    8. Insidious

    Yet another movie franchise that never fails to give some bone-deep chills, Insidious is one horror movie that absolutely has to be on your must watch English movies list if it isn’t already. It follows the story of a little boy whose soul is stuck in the world of the dead while a malicious demon soul pursues it. However, the reality is more twisted than it appears and will definitely leave you surprised.

    Watch it here

    9. The Nun

    Yet another prelude to The Conjuring, The Nun has everything that makes for the perfect horror movie. How? A desolate village in old Romania, an ancient abbey full of nuns surrounded by a graveyard, bells that tinkle in the night, and two characters to face it all. Do we need to persuade you more to watch it?

    Watch it here

    10. The Shining

    If you love yourself some psychological horror then The Shining is the movie for you! Adapted from Stephen King’s novel, the movie is a masterpiece in itself. A family of three are boarded up for the Maine winter in the massive Overlook Hotel with nothing but each other for company. But they’re not alone. As the winter progresses, the horrors of The Overlook unfold and present a horrific debacle to the Torrance family.

    Watch it here

    Hollywood Comedy Movie List

    Now that we’ve rounded up our list of horror movies for you to binge, now is the time for some light mood comedy! So we bring you some of the top hollywood movies in the comic genre. So grab a tub of popcorn and get ready to have a great time while bingeing these movies!

    11. American Pie

    A total slapstick movie about one of the biggest obsessions for young people -- losing virginity. It involves a group of college people and their hilarious experiences exploring sexuality.

    Watch it here

    12. Nappily Ever After

    A coming of age story for single women. Nappily Ever After is a delightful feel-good romantic comedy about a Black woman named Violet who is in her 30s and her journey of self-discovery. Originally, a novel by Trisha R. Thomas, the story opens with Violet, a perfectionist and a successful ad exec with a perfect life and a perfect boyfriend. Her dominating mother plays a big role in how what Violet considers sacred in her life. One day, however, when her relationship collapses, she feels thrown off track. Her pursuit to cope occurs over a series of different hairstyles she tries, that ultimately reveal to her who she truly is and what she truly wants. Super relatable, funny and heartwarming, the film is a must-watch.

    Watch it here

    13. Baywatch

    If you are one of those people who loved the original Baywatch series, and you like Priyanka Chopra, then you should definitely watch this movie with your girl gang. It's about bay watchers who are not only lifeguards on the beach but also crime-busters. You will totally love our Desi girl's performance in this one.

    Watch it here

    14. Bad Teacher

    A story about a seventh-grade teacher who is dumped by her sugar daddy. You will not regret watching this Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake starrer.

    Watch it here

    15. The Dictator

    Probably the best hollywood movie when it comes to comedy, this one is bound to have you in splits! Watch the hilarious experience of a god-awful dictator who has to survive a few weeks in America.

    Watch it here

    16. Mean Girls

    A Lindsey Lohan starrer, this movie has been every teenage girl's favourite. A story about a group of girls who control and manipulate the social landscape of their high school. It will remind you of all the cliques you encountered in high school.

    Watch it here

    17. Marley & Me

    Aaah, back to sweeter films. Everyone really swears by this dog movie. And even though Marley, the dog is central to the story, the film is as much about him as it is about the couple who adopts this mischievous pup. Watch their lives unfold as they take care of him and fall in love with each other in the process.

    Watch it here

    18. The Internship

    When you see Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson together on screen, you know you're most likely to spend an evening laughing. They play two out-of-job salesmen Billy and Nick who decide that the only option they have is to catch up with time and join the digital world. But since they know little about technology, they figure they have to start at the bottom. As luck would have it, they manage to win two precious internship spots at Google, where, if they have to secure a future, they must beat some tech-savvy geniuses who are half their age.

    Watch it here

    19. Hitch

    Charming as ever, Will Smith plays the role of a 'date doctor' in New York, a modern day matchmaker who helps people to successfully get the girl or guy they want. But then one day, he meets society page columnist who doesn't quite fall for his charms as readily as he hopes. Meanwhile, his client bungles his way into the heart of a millionairess. Watch the two odd love stories unfold in this immensely enjoyable romantic comedy.

    Watch it here

    20. Tortilla Soup

    A Mexican American family comedy-drama that follows the life of three daughters living with their father who was once a chef, but due to a tragedy, has now lost his sense of smell and taste. Their little daily troubles and the deep love and care they share as a family forms the central theme for the film.  

    Watch it here

    Hollywood Drama Movie List

    These are the movies that are at their iconic best and should be in your watch-list if you’re a serious cinephile. So stack these up these must watch Hollywood movies on your watch queue and get ready for stories that celebrate everything from love to family!

    21. The Parent Trap

    A super cute story of identical twins who were separated at birth, and raised by their divorced parents. The parents, Nick and Elizabeth have the custody of one child each. One day, however, both girls land up at the same school camp. While Hallie was raised in America, Annie was raised in England. When they meet at the camp, they figure that they've been kept in the dark all their lives by their parents. Eager to meet the other parent, they decide to swap places. Not just that, they decided to bring their parents back together. A classic teenage chick-flick you can watch at any age and still find charming!

    Watch it here

    22. Hachi: A Dog's Tale

    If you love dogs then here is a disclaimer - You are going to cry, like a lot. A story about a dog who is abandoned and then rescued by a family. How he proves his loyalty to his family forms the plot. It's cute, it speaks loyalty and affection and it's everything that a dog lover will relate to.

    Watch it here

    23. The Reader

    When a teenager falls in love with an older woman, you know an interesting story unfolds no matter what happens. With glimpses of the WW2 and a serious story that unfolds, this movie is great if you love Kate Winslet.

    Watch it here

    24. The Pursuit Of Happiness

    Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, a San Fran salesman who struggles his way through life making a livelihood for himself and his 5-year-old son. Watch this film on how a single father raises his child and finds happiness despite all odds.

    Watch it here

    25. Munich

    A dark movie based on real events when Israelis were attacked by a Palestinian terrorist group known as the Black September Organisation. Gripping from the first scene to the last, it has some really tense moments where you will just go - 'what the hell'. Watch this movie to know what we're talking about.

    Watch it here

    26. Troy

    Based on the ancient Greek love story between the Prince of Troy and Helen, the Queen of Sparta that lead to a big war. Extravagantly made, elaborate in costumes and sets, Troy had a super duper cast of Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom and other Hollywood superstars.

    Watch it here

    27. The Stripper

    From the glorious Eastman Kodak colour days of the 60s, this film was quite a shocker when it released. For the first time, people got a glimpse into the real lives of Las Vegas' famous strippers, revealing their struggles and triumphs. The film faced a lot of controversies as it was seen to show strippers in kinder light which American society at the time thought was immoral.

    Watch it here

    28. Jewel

    A super cute movie which talks about the bond between a mother, and her daughter who suffers from down syndrome. A touching tale of hardships and how the two women rise above it all.

    Watch it here

    29. Breakfast at Tiffany's

    This movie holds a hallowed spot in the Hollywood film industry and is a beautifully shot film that should be on the top of your binge-watching list. An academic award-winning movie starring Audrey Hepburn, it is a story of an expensive escort living in New York who falls in love with a rich older man. How her life unfolds with that man is what forms this iconic movie.

    Watch it here

    30. Love & Other Drugs

    A story about a man who was always lucky with women. He then meets a girl with Parkinson's syndrome and ends up falling in love with her. But as they get closer, they start to question the intensity of their relationship.

    Watch it here

    Hollywood Crime And Thriller Movie List

    When you watch a movie about crimes, it always sends a chill down your spine. The reason crime movies are so popular is that they explore the depths of the human psyche in a manner that no other genre can. So check out our list of the absolute cult crime and thriller movies, you won’t be disappointed!

    31. London Has Fallen

    An action movie about back to back terror attacks that happen after the death of the British Prime Minister. Good masala, timepass film. Not quite as brilliant as the Die Hard type of movies, but pretty good and kind of squeezes its way into top Hollywood action movie lists.

    Watch it here

    32. The Client

    Ooooh, another meaty thriller from John Grisham that became a movie. Joel Schumacher, the man who Batman Forever, A Time To Kill and bunch of other blockbusters directs Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones in this legal drama thriller where a boy witnesses a murder and hires a lawyer (played brilliantly by Susan Sarandon) to protect him from the mafia. Tommy Lee Jones plays the district attorney bent on getting the boy to testify so he can take down the mafia finally.

    Watch it here

    33. Anaconda

    You couldn't possibly have come this far in life without watching this monster movie! Anaconda, and its subsequent franchise centres around a gigantic Amazonian water snake that attacks unsuspecting people and gobbles up boats and what not! Totally worth every bit of masala peanuts that you would be munching while watching this.

    Watch it here

    34. Desperado

    Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek not only reek hotness on screen but also pull of hair-raising stunts and action in this mid-Western style film about a man who goes around seeking vengeance against people who have murdered his girlfriend. Don't miss Quentin Tarantino in supporting cast.

    Watch it here

    35. Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom

    Another Steven Spielberg blockbuster from the '90s where Indiana Jones, a legendary archaeologist arrives in India to track down a precious stone. Shot partly on location and partly at studios in Hollywood, the film can annoy you with American stereotypes about Indians (eg Amrish Puri eating monkey brains as a delicacy) or streets filled with cows and snake charmers, but it's still a super fun watch. And Harrison Ford was still young in this film, and a total dish!

    Watch it here

    36. The Godfather

    What happens when Marlin Brando and Al Pacino come together on screen? They make a legendary movie. Touted as one of the world's greatest movies of all times, this film not only won a truckload of Oscars but has wowed generations after generations, and people from all over the world. A mob drama on the life and times of an Italian American crime family, and how they deal with everything around them. Women often score points with men when they declare they've watched and loved The Godfather!

    Watch it here

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    37. Casino

    A Robert De Niro movie often referred to as an epic American crime drama. This movie is about a mafia associate and his infamous trip to Las Vegas. He is appointed for a job there which he really really loves but one that eventually lands him in trouble. How he gets out of the whole situation forms the rest of the story.

    Watch it here

    38. A Clockwork Orange

    A Stanley Kubrick masterpiece made way ahead of its time. The story revolves around Alex and his "Droogs" who spend their nights getting high at a place. One day, Alex gets jailed for beating the Cat Lady to death, he submits to a behavior modification technique to earn his freedom. Watch the film to see how he deals with the consequences. Set up in a dystopian future, this movie isn't for only those who enjoys esoteric or 'way-out-there' cinema. We know that doesn't sound very promising but trust us, it's a super super cool cult film, and totally worth all the hype.

    Watch it here

    39. Copycat

    An intense and gripping thriller about a psychologist, played by Sigourney Weaver, who specializes in the study of serial killers. One day, there's an attempt made on her life. She turns to a San Francisco cop played by Holly Hunter to help her solve the mystery.

    Watch it here

    40. The Wolf Of Wall Street

    One of the most amazing Leonardo movies, after Titanic, of course. Again, based on a real-life person who was known to be a badass broker on Wall Street. Through his story, the film traces the murky, crazed, extravagant and extraordinary lives of people who play the stock market.

    Watch it here

    Hollywood Romantic Movie List

    There is something about romance that strikes the heart’s strings like no other. If you’re in the mood for some serious movie bingeing and want to have all those warm and fuzzy feelings, then do check out our list of romantic Hollywood movies that are bound to make you smile with that fond joy!

    41. Titanic

    Well, who does not know about this unsinkable ship? This movie not only is an Oscar-winning masterpiece but is also known for the stellar performances by the star cast Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet. From amazing graphics to actually seeing the ship sink, this movie will give you goosebumps every minute. Watch it to believe it.

    Watch it here

    42. Cruel Intentions

    An American teen romantic drama which was a huge box office success. It's the story of Annette who unknowingly becomes embroiled in her two friend's sexual adventures when she writes an article in Seventeen magazine about wanting to save herself for the man she marries. How she deals with it all becomes the story. It has all the high school drama you would expect in a teen film, along with a few explicit moments. It's the film that made Sarah Michelle Geller a big teen star.

    Watch it here

    43. La La land

    Hollywood's very own millennial musical starring none other than Ryan Gosling. It's a story about two people who get together to do what they love. How they deal with their passion and the mounting love between the two, forms the plot. This movie was a huge box office hit and you will definitely not regret watching it!

    Watch it here

    44. A Walk To Remember

    A super romantic movie that will make you wish you had a real love story too. Before you get to the real deal, you should know that it will make you cry hard. A story about a classic bad boy who falls for the silent one in his school. How they deal with their love and her illness forms the plot.

    Watch it here

    45. Before We Go

    It's a story of a street musician Nick who meets a girl called Brooke at a station as one of them misses their train. Their conversations about their long-held fears make up the storyline.

    Watch it here

    46. Candy Jar

    A sweet love story about a high school girl who falls in love with a wealthy guy and finds out that they have a lot in common despite their differences.

    Watch it here

    47. 50 First Dates

    One of those cute romantic movies that have been everyone's favorite for the longest time. A story of a girl with partial memory loss who falls in love with a guy who has to remind her every day that she is in love with him.

    Watch it here

    48. Just Go With It

    A super cute rom-com starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. Sandler plays a dentist who lies to his girlfriends about being married, just so he can get out of the eventual commitment. But then one day, he gets serious about a woman he's dating. To propose, he has to go through an elaborate charade of having a wife and children that he has to leave. To cut a long story short, they all end up on a vacation together, and much hullabaloo ensues. A fun movie if you're in the mood to chill!

    Watch it here

    49. You've Got Mail

    This is the quintessential romantic film that perfectly captured the magic of onscreen couple Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Directed and written by Nora Ephron, the woman who also wrote Sleepless in Seattle and Julie & Julia, You've Got Mail is a must must watch. It's sweet, sentimental, and reaffirms your belief in the thought that everyone will find love one day. Sometimes, you only have to look right before you.

    Watch it here

    50. To All The Boys I've Loved Before

    Another Netflix rage in recent times, this movie will take you back to high school and make you remember all those boys YOU ever loved. A story about Lara Jane who writes one letter for every boy she ever loved and they are accidentally posted. What forms the plot is how all those boys react to her. You definitely don't want to miss this one.

    Watch it here

    Hollywood RomCom Movie List

    There is a reason why everyone loves RomComs. Not only are they super fun to watch, but they’ve got just the hint of romance that’s enough to hook you into the movie right until the end. If you love to binge romcom movies as much as we do, then you definitely need to check out our list of romcom movies!

    51. Sex And The City

    A holy Bible for all the single ladies, the two movies (the first and the sequel) feature four women and their lives, love pursuits, and friendship. Continuing the SATC series, if you are curious to know what happens in the life of Carrie and her besties then this movie will be your answer. If you're planning a ladies night out then this movie should be on the top of your watch list.

    Watch it here

    52. Friends With Benefits

    Two friends who indulge in casual sex? Well, you sure will be curious to know what happens between them, right? Watch this super cute rom-com to know how the story unfolds when two best friends decide to just have sex and nothing more.

    Watch it here

    53. The Kissing Booth

    A Netflix original, this movie had everyone going gaga for the longest time. It is one of the cutest high school romance movies where a girl comes face to face with her high school crush. She has a pact with one of her best friends and the guy turns out to be his brother. How she manages to have a sneaky love story forms the plot. One of the best Hollywood movies to watch, you should not miss it for the world!

    Watch it here

    54. Crazy, Stupid Love

    Another Ryan Gosling rom-com with a series of twists and 'woah' moments. The story of a man who teaches a friend how to live life after a nasty divorce. You definitely don't want to miss this one.

    Watch it here

    55. He's Just Not That Into You

    A bible for all the single ladies, this movie will crack all the dating codes for you. Or at least make you laugh at them. You want to watch this fabulous movie which talks about the lives of these characters and what really happens in their dating life. This will not only give you cue to the real-time millennial dating but will make up for a fun girls night in movie time!

    Watch it here

    56. Valentine's Day

    The romance that happens in different people's lives in different cities and different time zones. This is a multi-starrer rom-com that tries to be in the same league as The Holiday and Love Actually. Doesn't quite make it, but it's not that bad either.

    Watch it here

    57. Made in America

    One day, a young girl, Zora Matthews (played by Nia Long) discovers that she was born through artificial insemination. As she goes on a search for her father, she's even more startled to find that he's white! Whoopi Goldberg plays the role of Zora's mother while Ted Danson plays the part of her father. It's a sweet film, and Goldberg is always a delight to watch.

    Watch it here

    58. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

    It is rightly said that if its meant to happen, then it will happen. Andie and Benjamin end up courting each other, but for entirely different reasons. Benjamin is challenged by his co-workers to make Andie fall in love with him, while Andie is dating Benjamin only to make him fall out of love with her in 10 days. Watch the movie to find out how the two of them inevitably end up being together, despite all odds!

    Watch it here

    59. 10 Things I Hate About You

    They say people will do everything for love, and this movie depicts just that. Cameron really wants to date Bianca, but she isn’t allowed to date until her sister goes out for dating, so Cameron sets up an arrangement which turns out well for everyone in the end. If the plot wasn’t good enough already, then the ever-charming Heath Ledger will give you enough reasons to watch this gem!

    Watch it here

    60. Bridget Jones’s Diary

    Now this a story about Bridget who makes it her new year resolution to find love despite all odds. She first falls for her boss, who’s a known casanova, but ends up realising that her true love lies elsewhere, with an entirely different person. So follow Bridget as she makes resolutions after resolutions in her diary and how her journey for love finally turns out to be.

    Watch it here

    Hollywood Science Fiction Movie List

    Now this section is for all of you out there who love watching science fiction movies. Not only are they extremely fun to watch, but they also give you something to think about. So run those brain cells and enjoy these cult science fiction movies!

    61. E.T The Extra-Terrestrial

    A personal favourite, this movie is all things super cute and adorable. A story of an extraterrestrial alien who gets lost on Earth and finds the meaning of being home through his friendship with a boy called Elliot.  This Steven Spielberg classic talks about love, care, and loyalty in the cutest way possible. Just be prepared with a box of tissues. There's magic, there's logic and there is a little Drew Barrymore in the movie as a surprise element. Watch it to know what we're talking about.

    Buy DVD here

    62. 2001: A Space Odyssey

    One of the most progressive science fiction works by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clark, it is a story about evolution. The main protagonist and other astronauts are sent on a space mission, but suddenly their space ship's computer system shuts down mysteriously. This causes intense tension between people and forms a mind-boggling story through space and time.If you love watching sci-fi then you don't want to miss out on this masterpiece.

    Watch it here

    63. Interstellar

    This movie is known as Christopher Nolan's best ever work. A sci-fi hit with a big cast: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain that form a team of explorers who travel through a wormhole in space in an attempt to ensure humanity's survival. Just don't watch Interstellar and Gravity back to back. Not a good idea, at all!

    Watch it here

    64. Men in Black

    This classic Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones starrer is a fun sci-fi adventure film about secret agents and their hilarious adventures. The first in the franchise, this one deals with their project to save Earth from an evil alien under the guise of a gorgeous woman.

    Watch it here

    65. Inception

    Ever wondered what a dream inside a dream feels like? The movie revolves around Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), who is a thief skilled at stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious of unsuspecting people.

    Watch it here

    66. The Martian

    The Martian is a movie that celebrates human strength in its very best form. When Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) is on his mission to Mars, he is presumed dead and is left behind. What Mark awakes to is being stranded far away from home, but he perseveres to find a way to connect back with scientists on Earth.

    Watch it here

    67. War Of The Worlds

    When an ordinary father has to protect himself and his two children from a sudden and equally terrifying alien invasion, all hell breaks loose. Adapted from the story by H.G. Wells, the graphics and sound effects of this movie is nothing less than amazing. Follow Tom Cruise on his attempt to protect himself and his kids in this absolutely best alien invasion film.

    Watch it here

    68. Gravity

    This Sandra Bullock and George Clooney starrer is all you need to make your weekend (if you love sci-fi, that is). Bullock and Clooney are astronauts who are on a mission. But things take a serious turn when Bullock is the only crew member alive, and it is up to her to make her way back to Earth.

    Watch it here

    69. Star Wars

    Now this one has a cult following of its own, and for its own reasons. Join Luke Skywalker on his interspace adventures as he struggles to fight off malicious forces in the depths of the interspace. He has a formidable enemy, and he has to rely on the force within him to make things right.

    Watch it here

    70. The Matrix

    There is a reason why Matrix has been deemed as the absolute cult classic when it comes to sci-fi movies. When Neo gets to choose between reality and illusion, his world is changed forever and becomes a series of constant battle against the machines. With amazing graphics, this is one of the most visually dazzling sci-fi movies ever.

    Watch it here

    Hollywood Fantasy Movie List

    Now this is our favourite section, and that’s why we’ve reserved it for the last. Fantasy movies instantly teleport you into an entirely different universe, and that’s why we love them so immensely. So watch out for these fantasy movies, for they will definitely blow your mind!

    71. Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets

    A popular poll told me that this is one of the best Harry Potter movies ever made, so I had to add this to the list. The second novel in the series has Harry and his friends battling an evil mysterious snake that has been killing children in the school. It's unlikely that you've not seen this already. Ideally, we would suggest you watch all the Harry Potter films back to back over a weekend! And call us, we're all Potterheads here and would be happy to watch them all again!

    Watch it here

    72. Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

    A brand new Jumanji adventure with a cooler concept. A story of 5 teenagers who enter the game only to find one stone that will save their life. So, if you loved the Robin Williams version then you will totally love this one too.

    Watch it here

    73. Scooby-Doo: The Movie

    If you were a big fan of this animated big doggo then you must totally add this movie to your list. It's cute and a laughter riot. Catch the Scooby gang unveil a new set of mysteries in this epic comedy movie.

    Watch it here

    74. Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

    Lord of The Rings is one of those series that defies all boundaries of fantasy. Vivid and detailed, watch Frodo’s journey into the unknown as he and his friends begin to find the dark lord. Why, you ask? Well, Frodo happens to be in the possession of a ring that everyone wants for their own keeping, and he must protect it from the dark forces.

    Watch it here

    75. The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

    Have you ever wished that you could magically transport yourself into a magical land at the blink of an eye? Well, this movie is about four siblings who seek asylum at a house far removed from the damage of war. Their days of extreme boredom soon turn into intense adventure as they discover the magical world of Narnia, along with a lot of surprises!

    Watch it here

    76. Maleficent

    They say that every sinner has a past, and that not everyone is born evil. This movie is about a rift between two neighbouring kingdoms, the difference being that one is magical while the other is physical. Follow Maleficent’s side of the story as the unexplained villain of the classic Sleeping Beauty, and you will know that things aren’t always what they seem to be.

    Watch it here

    77. Jumanji

    Ever wondered what would happen if you’d go inside the game you were playing? Well, that is exactly what happens when four teenagers decide to play a game from an old video console that they’ve never heard of. Follow them as they struggle to survive on this very real adventure, just like the players in the game!

    Watch it here

    78. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

    If you love Harry Potter then there is no doubt that you would love this one as well. In a time much before Voldemort reigned terror, there was yet another dark wizard who was whipping up trouble. Watch how Newt Scamander, a wizard who specialises in magical beasts accidentally unleashes them in olden New York and how he inevitably ends up involved in the tiff with Grindelwald himself.

    Watch it here

    79. Alice In Wonderland

    We’ve all read and enjoyed the book by Lewis Carroll, so why not enjoy this dark adaptation on screen as well? Watch Alice as she traverses through the topsy turvy universe of Wonderland and how she understands where her heart lies. With iconic actors such as Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Anne Hathaway, this one should definitely be on your watch list!

    Watch it here 

    80. Oz, The Great And Powerful

    In this prequel to ‘The Wizard Of Oz’, watch how Oz’s journey from a common man to the great wizard he is revered for. James Franco has beautifully played the role of Oz, and the amazing graphics will literally transport you to the land of Oz in a way that would eventually make you nostalgic of childhood memories.

    Watch it here

    Now that you have our absolute favourite list of movies for you to binge on, go ahead and make your weekends awesome!

    Movie posters: IMDB

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