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Need A Summer Cooler? We’ve Got The Right Cocktails For You!

Need A Summer Cooler? We’ve Got The Right Cocktails For You!

Summers can be super frustrating when you sweat 24*7 and want to chill in the pool all day long! Despite all the heat, we need to stay hydrated to keep our skins and our bodies healthy. And let’s be honest, water can be a little boring. So maybe summer cocktails are the way to go!

Apart from the regular sangrias and margaritas, we bring you 10 new drinks that you may have never heard of but can be easily made at home only with a few ingredients and are appealing to your eyes (and stomach). So, say goodbye to those summer blues!

1. The Sexy Monica


2. Galaxy Cocktail


3. Bombay Sapphire Gin

4. Passionfruit Mango Margarita

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5. Iced-tea Sangria

6. Rainbow Breeze 


7. Prosecco Slushies

8. Lemonade Mimosas

9. Spring Fizz


10. Expresso Martini

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25 Jun 2018

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