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15 Sexy Texts For Him When He Sends You A *Hot* Pic

15 Sexy Texts For Him When He Sends You A *Hot* Pic

So you and your boyfriend have been texting for a while and things get a little intense when he sends you a *sexy* picture of himself… YIKES! What now? How should you react? Confused about what would be the right thing to say? Time to stop worrying… Here are 15 naughty text message replies you can send to keep the conversation tasteful yet sensual!

15 Sexy Texts For Him To Keep The Conversation Going

1. “You are SO hot!”

Short, simple and effective.

2. “I’m liking what I’m seeing *wink*”

You like what you see. You tell him that in words that are suggestive and sexy and the trick is done, easy-peasy!

2 replies to send your boyfriend

3. “You’ve left me speechless!”

This way you say things without actually saying it. *evil grin*

4. “You know what I’d love right now? To cuddle next to your warm body!”

Use this in case you don’t want the conversation to go completely wild. This would suggest that you want him close but cuddling makes it harmless.

4 replies to send your boyfriend

5. “I might not go down in history but I will go down on you!”

If you think you are ready to take the next step then you might as well say it out loud and saying it with a dirty pick up line will keep things fun and light!

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6. “You are everything I ever wanted!”

Sending bold pictures can be a big step for many guys too so make sure you assure him that he is sufficient to you exactly the way he is!

6 replies to send your boyfriend

7. “Oh, my! That is something!”

Well, you might as well give him something to brag about!

8. “I want you here right NOW!”

Passion is the key to any good relationship and all caps is your way to express it through texts. Use this when you want him to know how badly you want to be around him in that moment.

8 replies to send your boyfriend

9. “You have such a dirty mind, and it works on me!”

Don’t make him feel as if he is the only one who is into it. Let him know that the dirty stuff works for you as well!

10. “You have no idea about the kind of things I want to do to you…”

Here’s one you can use when you want him to know that you don’t just like it but want to act on it too!

10 replies to send your boyfriend

11. “You just made my day better!”

This is honest, harmless and a sure-shot way to let him know that he makes you feel better, no matter what.

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12. “Looks like you have been thinking of me ;)”

Here you can turn things a little towards your benefit because using this pick-up line is not just a subtle hint to tell him that you see what he wants you to see but will eventually end up in him complimenting you too!

12 replies to send your boyfriend

13. “Oooh, send me more!”

What better way to boost his confidence by asking for more?

14. *Unlimited amounts of emojis*

Kissy face, winks, heart eye emojis… You can use anything and everything for when you are at a loss of words.

14 replies to send your boyfriend

15. “Well, hello there!”

Add a happy picture of yourself to this and you are set! 😉

This story was updated in October 2019.

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