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Glossy Lips & Kohl – 5 MUAs Reveal The Bridal Beauty Trends They’ve Had Enough Of!

Glossy Lips & Kohl – 5 MUAs Reveal The Bridal Beauty Trends They’ve Had Enough Of!

What’s that one thing that keeps you fretful all the time leading up to your wedding? Need no guesses, ladies! It’s your bridal makeup. And with trends changing every season, you do wonder whether it’s time to forgo some of these exaggerated trends so you can make way for the new. Even hours of research on Instagram and Pinterest fails. The dilemma of what look to go with is never ending. But worry not, we got the best of the bridal make-up artists to tell us the bridal make-up trends that are done to death and should be skipped in 2018! Read on…

1. Bright, glossy lips – Prerna Khullar

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“Bright (almost neon) or even glossy lips is a big no-no. It completely takes away from the natural bridal glow. We have had an overdose of golden glitter and bright red lips for years now. I think it’s time to explore minimal make-up in 2018.”

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2. Overly textured hairstyles and heavy foundation – Pooja Sonik

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“High puffs or overly textured hairstyles have been done to death. Keep your hair simple and don’t go OTT with the volume. Also, you don’t necessarily have to wear a heavy foundation base to make it last longer! Instead, opt for a lighter base that looks natural and is easy to pull off .”

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3. No kohl, please! – Rehat Brar

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“While kohl-lined eyes look pretty, I personally think that it can make a bride’s face look much older than it is. Instead, you can use a champagne coloured pencil in the outer lash line to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.”

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4. Gold-toned eyeshadows – Jasmeet Kapany

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“Brides can go for a matte, brown or even sport a metallic eyeshadow on their D-day. They don’t  need to skip gold eyeshadow completely, but could find different ways to wear it right.”

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5. OTT lashes – Chandni Singh

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“Brides should make sure that the size of the lashes complements the shape of their eye. Statement lashes, if not done right, can be quite an eye sore! It can create shadows under the eyes that look hideous in wedding photographs.”

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05 Feb 2018

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