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Mira Kapoor Gets Candid About Her Severe Hair Fall Journey & It Is Eye-Opening

Mira Kapoor Gets Candid About Her Severe Hair Fall Journey & It Is Eye-Opening

Over the years Mira Kapoor has proven her worth as the ultimate beauty guru in tinsel town. She has taken to Instagram to share Ayurvedic home remedies for skin radiance, her detailed skincare regimen and her go-to makeup routine. Recently, she started her own YouTube channel where she spoke about the benefits of facial massages and did interviews with influencers on sustainable fashion and age-old beauty secrets. Well, we’re all ears.

Just a couple of days back, Mira opened up about her extreme hair fall journey and how she finally overcame it. She started out by saying that she was so stressed out that her hair literally began to fall off.

“Around 6-7 months ago, I faced terrible hair fall. I have never had it before, not in this way. Of course, I have had hair fall postpartum twice but never in this way. I was seeing visible thinning, temples beginning to recede, clumps of hair falling. I was so scared to even brush my hair because that’s the amount of hair that was falling. I was just scared to touch my hair. That’s when I realised that something is wrong and I need to do something about it,” she added.

What Caused The Hair Loss?

Mira said that the main reason she was facing hair loss was because of a condition called telogen effluvium which is a form of temporary hair loss brought about by stress.

She further added, “I personally feel that it was the second jab combined with the stress of everything that was on my plate.”

In terms of physical ailments, she said it could be having ailments like COVID or getting the vaccination and for mental triggers, it could be anxiety, loss of a loved one or feeling burdened by everything around you. For her, this included her children’s online school, the spread of COVID in the country, what would be the logistics for isolation if they get it, are her kids okay, trying to stay healthy and worrying about her family.

She spoke about how poor hair practices could also lead to this kind of hair fall like tying your hair too tight, using thin rubber bands, or not brushing your hair enough.

What Did Mira Do To Combat This?

Switched To Silk Or Cloth Hair Ties

Tying the hair too tight can cause a receding hairline because of the pull. She swapped all her rubber bands with silk and cloth hair ties and tied her strands into a loose bun.

Stopped Combing Wet Hair

She spent more time towel drying her hair and completely stopped combing wet hair because the hair follicles are very delicate then and are more prone to fall out.

Trimmed Her Hair On The Full Moon

Mira said, “I also trimmed my hair on the day of the full moon. Guys, this sounds like absolute quackery but I have been doing it forever. My mom told me about this and it is something in the farmers’ almanack. The moon has a certain effect on the tide, the earth, and it also has an effect on us and our system, and this is what I believe.

Fitted A Water Softener Onto Her Showerhead

Hard water was one of the other reasons why she was facing hair fall. So, to counter that, she installed a water softener onto her showerhead.

Want To Watch The Entire Video? Here You Go:

Kudos to Mira for opening up about this journey! However, one thing we do want to tell all the readers is that, this was her experience and how she treated it. Extreme hair fall is usually caused by a medical condition and visiting a doctor is advised. Everyone’s body is unique and something that worked for a celebrity may not work for you.

Featured Image: Instagram

03 Feb 2022

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