These Mini Lipsticks Are The Perfect Gift For The Makeup Hoarder Of Your Crew

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 8, 2021
These Mini Lipsticks Are The Perfect Gift For The Makeup Hoarder Of Your Crew


It was last month that I was cleaning out my makeup dresser when I realised that I had to throw out or give away so many of my lipsticks. Most of them were expired, some were the wrong shade that looked deceivingly good on-screen, and the rest were just not in trend anymore. While my heart ached to see my hard-earned money and so much product leaving my vanity just like that, I couldn’t help but wonder – how did I not end up using so many of my lipsticks? Then it dawned on me – apart from being the wrong shade IRL, some were too big for my mini bags, some had super drying formula that my lips just hated, while some were just out of style. Since then, I have sworn to my bank account to only make smart beauty investments.

While this solemn swear has made my bank account (and my mom) really happy, my makeup-driven heart could tell a different tale – until now. POPxo Makeup Collection launched last week, and it’s almost like they heard what I have been praying for all this while – gorgeous shades, better formulas, affordable and justifiable price range, and to top it all, oh-so-cute travel-friendly packaging! If you are someone or you know someone who is at the edge of their seat looking for makeup buys that are worth their penny, welcome to the club. POPxo’s newest makeup launch has blessed us all with the best solution to all our lipstick hoarding problems.

What Is It?

Just all of our lipstick dreams packed in the cutest mini kit! POPxo Makeup Collection has drool-worthy mini makeup kits for eyes, face and nails too, but my personal favourite has to be these mini lip kits. This section features 3 different lip kits that include 3 lippies each (score)! Do you want to know the best part? These creamy mattes are bundled with their shade sisters. So we get a nude lipstick set with ‘No Drama’, a pink lipstick set with ‘Pretty Mess’, and a bold lipstick set with ‘Power Trip’.

Why Do We Love It?

The fact that these mini lip kits come in a bundle of corresponding shades, will save you so much time while getting ready. This shade of pink doesn’t go with your outfit? Cool, try another one! It is as easy as that. But what I personally love the most about these mini lipsticks is their formula. Enriched with vitamin E, they keep my lips moisturized and doesn’t let my lip look flaky. Its ultra-smooth and intensely pigmented formula can give you a rich colour payoff in just one swipe. I am still amazed at how can all of this come in just Rs. 349! And did I mention its packaging pros? Its travel friendly, and hands down the cutest looking kit on my vanity.


Colour Pay Off: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Formula: 10/10

How To Use It?

Simply swipe the lipstick bullet across your lips. It will glide smoothly and deliver a rich colour pay-off. You can double and triple swipe as per your liking. Clean off any smudged or overlined area with concealer for a crisp finish.

What Does The Product Look Like?

Shades from up to down: Love Bug, XOXO, Cutie
Shades from up to down: Level Up, Fighter, Attention
Shades from up to down: Bliss, Hype, Comfort Zone

Hurry up and send them to your BFF cause she’s going to love ’em!

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