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Berry Lips: A Lazy Girl Hack To Ace The Perfect Fall Makeup Look

Berry Lips: A Lazy Girl Hack To Ace The Perfect Fall Makeup Look

Fall is officially the season of getting away with lazy girl beauty blunders. Didn’t get a pedicure in weeks? It’s boot season anyway! Haven’t gotten your hair done either? Well, it’s hat season too! Haven’t shaved your legs? Just put on some stockings. Add all this ease with a dash of pumpkin spice in your lattes, and you will have the recipe for every girl’s favourite time of the year.

What if we told you that we have found yet another cheat code that will upgrade your fall makeup game to the next level? That’s right, there’s a new hero in town that will save all your fall makeup looks, and it comes in the right shade of berry lipstick! Berry is a perfect autumn hue, and when used in deeper shades, can not only help you ace your makeup game but also saves you from having to do a full face. With these magical deep shades, your lips will have all the attention. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, these berry lipsticks will have you looking *chef’s kiss* no matter what the occasion.

The Hit List

A Class Favourite

Shade: Deep mulberry plum

A Velvety Addiction

Shade: Magenta plum

A Friday Night Essential

Shade: Jam plum with deep maroon undertones

An International Charm

Shade: Medium-light sangria berry

For A Parisian Vibe

Shade: Deep berry

A Must-Have Creamy Matte

Shade: True plum

A Classic Can’t-Miss

Shade: Berry violet

Beauty And Nourishment In One

Shade: Berry brown

Berry or brown, here is a lip kit that will be a perfect match for your fall makeup looks:

Have you found the perfect plum shade for you yet?

Featured Images: Instagram

05 Oct 2021

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