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Thank Us Later! Here’s Why Using An Intimate Wash Is Non-Negotiable During Your Monthlies

Thank Us Later! Here’s Why Using An Intimate Wash Is Non-Negotiable During Your Monthlies

Maintaining proper intimate hygiene is non-negotiable and taking it lightly can wreak havoc on your genitals. It can result in severe infections like UTIs but that’s not it. Poor intimate hygiene can even affect your reproductive organs and fertility. So, there’s no denying the fact that you’ve got to keep your nether regions clean. And as per a 2017 study, the best way to do it is by washing your intimate area with a mild cleanser once or twice a day. This cleansing should be an integral part of your everyday self-care ritual and especially on days when you are menstruating. This is because that messy time when you have to deal with cramps, fatigue, and well, blood, calls for extra TLC. Wondering how to get it done? Here’s everything you need to know about the menstrual hygiene code of conduct when Aunt Flo’s on a visit:

Why Is It Important?


Good menstrual hygiene practices translate to comfier periods and better overall health. Wondering how? Find your answer below:

Your Genitals Need Your Attention

It won’t be wrong to call your vajayjay Lil Miss Independent. After all, it can take care of itself, courtesy of its natural, auto-pilot cleansing mode. The presence of good bacteria in the vagina helps it stay clean and protects it against infections. However, the surrounding areas–vulva, pubic mound, and the groin–aren’t self-cleaning. If left unclean, the dust, dirt, sweat, and blood buildup can cause irritation, itching and skin infections on your genitals. So you’ve got to ensure that they remain clean.

Cleanup=Comfier Shark Week

The dampness in your intimate area during shark week can make you feel extremely uncomfortable. At such times, washing your genitals is what you need to freshen up in a jiffy. It’s exactly like how you feel rejuvenated post a shower after a long, sweaty day. So, factor in the feel-good part of washing your intimate area on your periods and make it a regular practice.

It Prevents Rashes

This one’s for all the sanitary pad users out there. These absorbent period aids tend to trap more moisture between your legs. Additionally, prolonged contact between the blood-laden pads and your sensitive genital skin can cause irritation, friction, and painful rashes down there. However, washing your intimate area removes the sweat and blood buildup and helps your genital skin to breathe. This can prevent rashes and irritation. 

How To Maintain Menstrual Hygiene


Apart from being painful, exhausting, and plain annoying, periods can be a super-messy affair. If this mess has a way of testing your patience during every cycle, we’ve got you covered. Keep these pointers in mind and you’ll be fine:

Wash, Wash Baby

Use a mild, non-fragrant cleanser like Sirona’s Refreshing Intimate Wash to clean your genitals once or twice a day. Made with natural ingredients like Tasmanian pepper fruit, it leaves your intimate area squeaky clean without rendering it dry. It’s gentle on the sensitive skin down there and doesn’t disturb its natural acidic mantle while removing the grime and germs.

Stay Clean Even While On The Go

If you’re stepping out while on your period, it may not be possible to wash your intimate area if you feel sweaty and damp down there. Enter Sirona’s Intimate Wipes to the rescue. One glide from front to back and tada! You’re ready to walk out with fresh and clean genitals. 

Change Your Pad/Tampon Frequently

Wearing a pad or a tampon for longer than 4-6 hours can trigger the growth of harmful bacteria in your intimate area. If the toxins released by these microbes enter the bloodstream, they can cause instant death due to toxic shock syndrome (TSS). So, change your pads and tampons more frequently.

Rethink Your Period Aids

Synthetic sanitary pads can irritate your genital skin and cause rashes and infections. So, switch to Sirona’s Rash-Free Pads for a comfier period. Made with biodegradable, skin-friendly material, these ultra-thin pads let your genitals breathe and keep rashes and discomfort at bay. Plus, they don’t contain toxins like chlorine and parabens and are super-safe to use.

Alternatively, you can also switch to Sirona’s Menstrual Cup. This funnel-shaped device is inserted into the vagina to collect period blood. It makes no contact with the genital skin and keeps irritation at bay. With a capacity of 28ml and a strong suction grip, it provides leakproof protection for eight hours straight.

Wear Breathable Underwear

Clean cotton panties can be your best bet if you want your intimate area to breathe while dealing with a blood smear. They can reduce sweat and dampness and keep you comfier on your period and even otherwise. Also, remember to wash your underwear thoroughly–especially if you end up with a bloodstain. Sirona’s Anti-Bacterial Period Stain Remover can be of great help here. Made with grapefruit and lemon peel extract, it kills bacteria, removes the catamenia odour, and is gentle on the fabric. 

Keep Your Menstrual Cup Clean

If you’re a menstrual cup user, you’ve got to clean the cup thoroughly before inserting it. A poorly-kept device can introduce harmful bacteria into the vagina and cause UTIs and bacterial vaginosis (vaginal inflammation). So, always wash your cup with water after emptying it while on the go. Once you’re back home, you can use Sirona’s Hygienic Menstrual Cup Wash for a thorough cleanse. It can unclog the suction holes of the menstrual cup and disinfect it, thus making it safe for use.

Additionally, you must sterilize your menstrual cup before and after using your menstrual cup. You can count on Sirona’s Menstrual Cup Sterilizer for it. It kills 99.9% of germs in only three minutes. No mess, no hassle, just a clean cup! Cool, right?

Now that you know the importance of intimate hygiene during your period, follow this menstrual-hygiene code of conduct for a happy, healthy period. Lastly, don’t forget to attend Sirona’s webinar on May 23, 2022, for more such tips. Click here to register.

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18 May 2022

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