Meghan Markle’s MUA, Daniel Martin Shares How He Keeps His Makeup Disinfected

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Mar 26, 2020
Meghan Markle’s MUA, Daniel Martin Shares How He Keeps His Makeup Disinfected


Ever since the global pandemic, Coronavirus started infecting everyone, people have started to take various types of precautionary measures and disinfecting everything physically possible. Daniel Martin, who is responsible for Meghan Markle‘s stunning makeup looks has a lot to share on how he keeps his products clean and disinfected. Being a perfectionist that he is, the makeup artist warns that people have no clue that heir makeup products are brimmed with bacteria and you should keep a check, especially now that we need to be extra careful.

Daniel Martin Shares How To Disinfect Beauty Products

Speaking to a leading fashion magazine, Daniel says that people don’t realize how much bacteria is in their brushes, let alone on their hands. He also ensures that all his products are squeaky clean as his profession requires him to touch other people’s faces. And since everyone’s freaking out about Coronavirus, here’s how you can make sure your beauty products are disinfected.


– Apart from washing and sanitizing his hands regularly before touching a client’s face, Daniel uses a small spray bottle of 99% isopropyl alcohol to disinfect all his makeup products.

– And if you are using this genius technique too, let the alcohol dissipate rather than rubbing it in as rubbing the product using a tissue or with your fingers can contaminate the makeup.

– Daniel revealed that he washes his makeup brushes with a special dishwasher detergent every week as it contains chloroxylenol, an ingredient known to be the biggest enemy of harmful bacteria.

– Use an isododecane based cleanser to dry washes the brushes as it helps clean and remove residue due to using a lot of oil-based products.

– As a final precaution, Daniel sprays sanitizers on his makeup brushes too.


Seriously, this man might be a little OCD about cleanliness, but at a time like this – this is definitely what the world needs. 

Daniel has been working with Meghan since her ‘Suits’ days. He is really close to Duchess and was invited to her wedding too. 

PS: Did you know that he is rumoured to be Archies’ godfather 😱 

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