Can Your Makeup Give You Coronavirus? Scherezade Shroff Makes Some Interesting Points

Can Your Makeup Give You Coronavirus? Scherezade Shroff Makes Some Interesting Points

With great following, comes great responsibility. If your content doesn't teach someone something new each time they visit your Instagram profile or Youtube channel, then you're doing blogging wrong. During the coronavirus crisis, it's important for bloggers to understand how their content influences their followers. Not being mindful or informed about your posts during this tender time (think vacay pictures from the Maldives in floral bikinis) puts the wrong message out there and encourages people to travel too.

Yes, travel is essential, but there is a time and a place for everything. Right now, the only thing bloggers should be telling their followers to do is stay indoors and work on their well being. Scherezade Shroff is one of those few bloggers who is doing her best to spread awareness and information by using social media as her voice. This video isn't only for beauty mavens, but for your loved ones too!

Key Takeaways from Scherezade Shroff's coronavirus video 

  • Cut your nails short as bacteria and dirt can collect under the nails. 
  • Avoid going to salons and spas as well as you could put yourself at risk from catching an infection.
  • Don't waste money on things you don't need right now (new bags, outfits or makeup) Save up for the rainy day. 
  • Whether you buy or make sanitizer at home to keep your hands clean, but the regular use of hand sanitizers can dry your hands out, so try and keep them moisturised.

  • Do not use product testers right now as they could be infected. 
  • Keep makeup tools and brushes clean (Sherry uses Surgiclin Clinical Spirit to clean her makeup brushes)
  • Clean your phone screens, tablets, laptop keyboards as bacteria settle on them 
  • Avoid using mascara because according to Sherry, each time you pump the wand in and out, bacteria have a chance to go into the product and that could cause an eye infection. 
  • She also recommends taking supplements (check with your physician once oven the phone first) like Samahan tea, vitamin C tablets and tulsi/turmeric tablets. 

Although makeup and beauty treatments do a great job at making us feel beautiful, it's not something that we need to focus on right now. Our health should be a priority because that's something even money can't buy.