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#LongHairProblems: How to Stop Your Hair from Getting Tangled

You’ve finally grown out your locks, only to realize that a long mane isn’t as glamorous as it’s cut out to be. Constantly fighting with your hairbrush, waking up to a tangled mess and ending up with a bird’s nest after a short auto ride has become the bane of your existence. But worry not! We help make life your easier with a few helpful tips to stop your hair from tangling – so you no longer have to deal with combing out those painful snags in your mane! Get ready for smoother, softer locks that are closer to that long-hair fantasy you’ve always had rather then those pesky tangles. 🙂

how to stop your hair from getting tangled

1. All About the Conditioner

We all know that conditioner is essential for moisturizing and smoothening your locks, so obviously this one’s a no-brainer. Strands that are prone to knotty tangles are a result of dryness and damage caused by pollution and using too much heat. It’s best to de-tangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb while in the shower before rinsing out your conditioner, since shampoo causes even more tangling. Applying a leave-in conditioner like TIGI Bed Head Born To Rock Leave In Detangler post your shower is perfect for taming those tangles through the rest of the day.

2. Go Easy on the Suds

Yes, shampoo should be worked into the roots and scalp, but most of us also spread it along the rest of our hair till the ends. Shampoo helps strip our strands of moisture, which is why bunching up our hair while lathering up causes it to get dry, leading to more tangles. As a habit, sud up your roots only and not your whole hair, and use conditioner only on your mid-lengths and ends.

3. Be Wary of the Towel


Rubbing your wet hair and wrapping it up in a towel turban is something that most women do without a second thought. But all that rubbing just causes even more tangled roughness! Plus, the friction caused by it is partly responsible for your frizzy strands. Instead, use your towel to gently blot your strands and remove excess water before running a comb through it. Make sure to work your comb from the ends upwards.

4. A Shot of Cool Water

One smart thing you can do to save your strands is to shower with lukewarm to cool water. If you’re one of those who can’t stand under the water unless it is gloriously hot, then just add a shot of cool water at the end before stepping out. This helps close up your hair cuticles to keep your mane softer and less likely to get tangled.

5. Be Safe While You Sleep

How To Stop Your Hair From Getting Tangled

Waking up to snarls and knots is a common woe we all face, thanks to all that twisting and turning in our sleep. Make sure to never hit the sack with wet hair, as that not only causes extra tangles but breakage as well. It’s a good idea to tie your hair up in a bun, braid or a simple ponytail while you sleep to tame those tangles. Using a satin pillowcase also works wonders in preventing frizz, maintaining a blow dry (or any style), as well as in keeping your strands soft and tangle-free.

6. Stay Away from Alcohol

Don’t worry, you can still drink those yummy cocktails. But hair products that contain alcohol as a key ingredient are a big no-no. They can cause dryness and roughness, which will definitely only add to your tangled tress troubles. Stick to products made from natural ingredients that are not harsh on your strands. Brands like The Body Shop and Forest Essentials are great for safe haircare finds.

7. Fab Detangling Products for a Silkier Mane

How To Stop Your Hair From Getting Tangled

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06 May 2016

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