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9 Wonderful Tips for Girls to Grow Long Hair

9 Wonderful Tips for Girls to Grow Long Hair

Ever wondered how some girls take care of and maintain their long hair?! What is it that they do every single day that makes their hair grow longer, stronger and shinier? Ponder no more as we are going to tell you 9 of the most common tips girls with long hair always follow. (You’re welcome!)

1. They never brush their hair when it’s wet

If you’ve been brushing your hair when it’s dripping wet, you might want to stop NOW! You see, your hair gets really fragile and weak when it’s wet. Combing it immediately after a hair wash makes it more prone to breakage. If you want to grow long hair, it is essential to follow this tip religiously. Opt for a wide-toothed comb and make your way up gently from the ends to the roots. Be gentle!

2. They drink lots of water and eat clean

2 long hair habits

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Drinking lots of water not only keeps your hair hydrated from inside out, but also helps your mane grow faster. It also energizes the nerve endings on your scalp that helps improve hair texture and promotes hair growth. A healthy diet will have a similar positive effect. A handy diet tip for girls with long hair is to include veggies, fruits and lean meat in their diet that helps give their hair a daily dose of minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

3. They always use the right hair brush

When picking a brush, girls with lovely long hair always pick one made out of wood and soft bristles. They also brush their hair often as it improves blood circulation in the scalp. While it stimulates your hair follicles, it also prevents hair loss. It’s important to brush often but not too often. Once a day is a good idea to grow long hair.

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4. They oil their hair at least twice a week

4 long hair habits

Just like your body gets nourishment from food, your hair gets the same nourishment from oil that may also help you grow your hair long. Oiling your hair regularly helps prevent bacterial infection, dandruff and gives your mane a glossy shine. Did we mention how relaxing it is as well?

5. They get regular trims done

These girls never have to worry about split ends because they get a regular hair trim done every 6 to 8 weeks. They know that it prevents split ends from spreading up the hair shaft and hampering growth. This habit is important for growing and maintaining long hair.

6. They sleep on satin pillowcases

6 long hair habits

Did you know that satin pillowcases create less friction compared to regular cotton ones?! They sure do, ladies. Opting for a softer material while you toss and turn in bed reduces the chances of hair getting tangled or broken. If that ain’t your cup of tea, you can always tie your hair in a loose loop or use a soft scrunchie! Works like a charm every time.

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7. They never rub their hair dry

Everyone’s in a hurry these days. Sometimes, after you step out from a shower, you just want to grab a towel and quickly rub your hair and skin dry. In the bargain, you lose hair and have to deal with it getting tangled. A proven tip for long hair is you can either choose a softer fabric like an old tee shirt or simply allow it to dry peacefully by itself.

8. They stay away from hot tools and styling products

8 long hair habits

The secret behind every girl’s long and healthy hair is to not over-style. Excess heat not only damages hair, but the chemicals in these products cause hair fall and dryness too. Try and cut down blow drying your strands. Give your hair the chance to breathe and it will grow long the natural and healthy way for sure.

9. They love taking cold showers!

As relaxing as a hot shower can be, giving it a miss will make your hair really happy! A super steamy shower can make your hair rough, frizzy and dry. Cold water is a better option. It strengthens your shafts and seals the cuticles. What’s more, it’s a useful tip for helping hair grow long too. Now you too can have the hair of your dreams!

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22 Aug 2016

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