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11 Lies You Tell Your Mom… That She Never, Ever Believes!

11 Lies You Tell Your Mom… That She Never, Ever Believes!

There’s a good reason why they say that mother knows everything. She’s known you since nine months before you were born, so the minute a lie comes out of your mouth, the lie buzzer will go off in her head. Especially when it’s one of these lies! Here are 11 lies your mother will find out, and every time you tell her, she’s never going to believe you!

1. “We’re just friends, ma!”

Hah. But she knows that your expression when you are with him doesn’t say that. And why don’t you blush like that with your other friends? Eh?

1 lies your mother will find out

2. “But the whole gang is going!”

Even if you are on an official expedition to the moon, your mum will want to know the name, telephone numbers, addresses of the fellow travellers and their neighbours numbers… just in case. So don’t even dream that you’ll get away with this one!


3. “I didn’t bunk class, the teacher marked me absent!”

And then your newly washed jeans come back – along with the movie tickets you had forgotten in the pocket and that’s when you’ll know that she knows!

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4. “I’ll clean my closet on Sunday. Pakka!!!”

She knows you mean Sunday of 2027, ‘coz you’ve been using that line for a decade now.

4 lies your mother will find out


5. “My phone died, that’s why I didn’t reply.”

Don’t forget that your mom is super tech savvy when it comes to catching you in a lie. Don’t be surprised when she asks, “Then who was last seen online 30 minutes ago? Your phone’s ghost?”

6. “Everyone failed that test.”

Your parents didn’t name you “everyone.” When did you change your name to “everyone?”

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7. “I’m not feeling too well today…”

And yesterday and the day before and all the times she asks you to come into the kitchen to help. You think she hasn’t figured this out yet?


7 lies your mother will find out

8. “The results aren’t out yet.”

Oh, but Mrs. Sharma’s daughter got distinction and she is in your class. And your mom knows this already, of course. “They had special results for her,” won’t work either.

9. “I’ve slept well…”

But those huge panda-like dark circles under your eyes tell a different story. A story your mom is very interested in. What were you doing at night?

10. “I study at night in solitude.”

But she knows. Because when the wifi goes off at four in the morning and you crawl out to turn it on – she’s there, with a knowing look on her face.


10 lies your mother will find out

11. “Left already. Will be home in 30 minutes!”

No chance. Not when you haven’t even started from the venue. All mothers have a personal GPS tracking system, don’t forget!

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10 Oct 2016

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