#FacePalm: 13 Types of Drunkenness You See at Every Party

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 6, 2016

Some drink to enjoy, while others drink to get drunk. With drunken December gone by in a blur, we’re sure you met all these kinds of drunks at parties. We decided to pick our fave few for you. Needless to say, feel free to add to the list!

1. The Horny Drunk

Alcohol acts like an aphrodisiac for some people. Yes, we are talking about those who can’t keep their urges down after four drinks.

drunk point 1

2. The Boogie Woogie Dancer

We have all been this person at least once in our lives. High spirits kindled by potent spirits, which makes one rule the dance floor. And let’s not talk about the moves. They should definitely go up on the Boogie Woogie Wall of Fame.

drunk gif2

3. The Crybaby

From why his/her partner abandoned them to how much s/he loves you guys, anything – happy or sad – can trigger those waterworks for the overly emotional drunk.

drunk point 3

4. The Over-Aggressive Fighter

If you yell out “Brawl”, he’ll be the first to respond. Actually, he would be the one who started the brawl.

drunk point 4

5. The Creepy Flirt

This guy believes he was born with the right to approach each and every woman present at the party and put on his so-called killer moves. Sleazy is his middle name!

drunk point 5

6. The Drunk Workaholic

Even when they’re tipsy, they’re always finding ways to mentally crack a brief in their heads. All they do is talk about work, work and more work. We get that’s the only thing that’s happening in their lives, but why not save that extra gyaan for tomorrow’s presentation?

drink point 6

7. The “Teenager”

Whatever he or she did not get to do during their “rebellious teenager” phase, they want to do it all now. Screaming loudly to get people’s attention, throwing water-filled condoms down from the balcony, jumping up on the table and dancing, trying to get people to go for a midnight joyride… Dude/girl, GROW UP.

drunk gif7

8. The One Who Turns Up Already Drunk

All hell breaks loose from the second these already-intoxicated guests enter the party. Everything gets noisier, they even break a glass or two, before going back to sipping from their hip flasks.

drunk gif8

9. The Commode’s BFF

If they’re not at their table, there’s only one place to find them. Yes, in the loo! Since they suck at handling their drinks, they always land up being there.

drunk gif9

10. The Teetotaller

The person who gets high on Club Soda just to keep up with the rest.

drunk gif10

11. The Buzz-Kill

The one who gets drunk and depressed, and then talks about such depressing stuff that everyone else gets depressed.

drunk gif11

12. The Angry Married Guy/Girl

Some people are never meant to marry. But then they do get married and all hell breaks loose. When they start drinking, boy, is it difficult to get two smiles out of such guys! Constantly complaining about monogamy, their eyes scan the room for PYTs as they crib about how difficult being married is.

drunk gif12

13. The Arnab Goswami

There’s always that one guy who starts lecturing everyone else about world politics and the frightful state of the economy once he is a few drinks down. “Where are the achchhe din? The nation wants to know!”

drunk gif13


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