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Karan Kundrra Is A Chalta Phirta Red Flag & We Hope Tejasswi Prakash Realises It Soon

When Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra first hit it off in the Bigg Boss 15 house, we were all about their adorable bond. It was definitely cool to watch two TV megastars falling for each other. We were almost convinced that it was going to be the epic Bigg Boss love saga that we had been waiting for. If only we knew better! Our little bubble had to pop. Just when we were beginning to fall for his puppy face and charming persona, Karan decided to reach out for the deep, dark abyss where he was hiding all his red flags and in no time, it was all out there. 

Sadly, Tejasswi is yet to realise what she has gotten herself into ‘coz as of now she literally hangs onto every word that Karan utters and we aren’t too sure if it is a good approach with him. As clearly pointed out by Salman Khan, Karan’s behaviour with her is veering on the verge of being toxic and here are some some red flags that we hope she notice s soon:

All That Possessiveness

While he might act all cool and composed, Karan has shown us on more than one occasion that he is a tad too possessive. For starters, he has always had a problem with Teja’s friendship with Vishal Kotian or literally every other man in the house. And while he was keeping a check on it in the beginning, his possessive nature is definitely taking over of late. Just last week, he created an entire scene out of something that Teja had to say for Vishal Kotian, someone who is not even in the house anymore. If this is how he is acting while she stays in front of his eyes 24*7, we can only imagine what would happen once they go out and have to live their individual lives.


Way With Words

Karan definitely has a way with words and knows how to twist things in his favour. Neha Bhasin was the first to point this out upon her entry into the Bigg Boss 15 house. We, however, got a proper glimpse of the same when Tejasswi tried confronting him about the cheating allegations that Rakhi Sawant made on him a few weeks ago. It was during a Weekend Ka Vaar episode that Rakhi accused him of being a cheater and unfaithful to all his ex-girlfriends. Tejasswi got visibly antsy after hearing all that and even tried talking to Karan about it. “Did you cheat on someone,” she did not mince her words before asking. However, Karan very smoothly dodged the question by talking about how he does not care about these random allegations. This is definitely a red flag considering that his ex Anusha Dandekar has actually hinted that he cheated on her.

Convenient And How!

Karan might try to project like he is all open-minded and understanding but he clearly has very different codes of conduct in mind when it comes to himself and Teja. A lot of people have pointed this out already. While he goes around the entire house being friendly with everyone, the instant Teja does the same, it becomes a problem. “I am not able to understand what you are doing,” she is told. The same man hangs out with people who are clearly against her in the game as well and can be seen entertaining people who are constantly spewing venom against Tejasswi.

Just last night, he was seen listening to Shamita Shetty as she talked about how Teja is after her team and wants to put them in a bad light. Okay, so what if that is the case? It is not that she is friends with them or anything. The worst part is that he has given Shamita that kind of leverage that she can come and do it as and when she pleases. The same can be seen happening in his conversations with Umar. If only the actress could see that Karan rarely stands up for her as she does for him. 

Kabir Singh Much?

It is the latest Bigg Boss promo that has us the most concerned. In it, Karan can be seen getting angry at Teja and aggressively throwing a tea mug on the floor in frustration. “Is this the way to talk to me? You have made a fool out of me in front of the entire world,” he can be heard saying. The reason? He is not happy with the way she is talking to him while it is quite evident that she is having an emotional moment herself. But forget all of it. Let’s for a moment assume that Tajasswi has been rude to Karan. Still, how is it justified to react to it with so much aggression? Karan’s aggressive side is not something new to the Bigg Boss viewers. We have all seen him getting violent with Pratik in the past. Clearly, that is a part of his personality that is getting more and more evident as the season advances. Also, imagine if this is how he is responding to Tejasswi’s anger on national TV, what would he do if there weren’t any cameras around.  

Well, here’s hoping that Teja notices these red flags while there is still time and continues this relationship outside the house only after having an honest conversation with Karan.

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14 Dec 2021

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