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Neha Bhasin Threatens To Spit In Gharwalas’ Food & We Gotta Ask, Where Are The Usools And Values Now?

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Nov 17, 2021
Neha Bhasin


Ten days ago, Neha Bhasin entered the Bigg Boss house with an air of superiority and lots of entitlement. Within minutes of her wild card entry, she was calling everyone out for their “gandi game.” For days on end, the singer talked about why she does not condone how most of the players have been behaving in the house (except her favourite Shamita Shetty, of course). In fact, just last week, she could be seen randomly pouncing on Karan Kundrra just ‘coz he refused to partake in a futile argument and kept sitting in the cave and laughing. Neha attacked the actor by saying that he does not have the guts to play in the open and whatever he is doing is against her “values.” Equal parts amused and puzzled at the attack, Karan was quick to ask why should he be caring about her “values” and refused to give her the satisfaction of a reaction. This made her even angrier and she ended up calling him a “fattu” who followed her “like a little puppy”. Sadly, none of the instigations worked on Karan.


Now, here is the thing–for someone who talks so often about “usool” and “values,” we expect Neha to act in the same way she expects other contestants to behave. This basically translates to no bitching behind the back, sly gameplay, foul language, or aggression. Interestingly enough, Neha is doing it all and made it next level dirty in last night’s episode. As you might be aware, the contestants are currently divided into two groups, VIPs and non-VIPs. Of course, it is the VIPs who are currently enjoying all the power and autonomy in the house which isn’t sitting well with the rest of the contestants, Neha being one of them.

Last night, the VIPs got a special power to give points to all the non-VIPs contestants on a scale of five and they decided to give a score of 2 to Neha. This did not sit well with the singer who referred to it as “badtameezi” and asked Rajiv Adatia who cooks for them to spit in their food. “Unke khaane me thook dena thoda sa” (you should spit a little bit in their food),” she was heard saying sans an iota of remorse on her face. Later on, she also talked about how she wants to brutally slap the hell out of the VIP contestants and shave their heads.

Well, all of this is rich coming from someone who was feigning to be all classy and dignified to pull others down all this while. It is said that the company that we keep rubs on us as well. An,d it is very apparent in Neha’s case who is still besties with Pratik Sehajpal despite the little skit that they did after her entry into the house. Of late, she is not letting anyone talk, is blabbering non-stop and making a lot of problematic remarks. Well, here is all we gotta tell Neha right now: Practice as you preach, sister. ‘Coz it looks like whatever you say, it is just white noise!

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