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The Obsession Is Real: These Karan Kundrra-Tejasswi Prakash Moments From BB 15 Are Just Too Precious To Miss

After Karan Kundrra confessed that he is actually crushing on Tejasswi Parkash in last night’s episode, Bigg Boss season 15 has taken an entirely new turn for the viewers. Already obsessed with these two, the audience wants to see more of them together on the show now. Thankfully for us, the stars are delivering. Of late, the two have been spending a lot of time with each other and it is almost therapeutic to watch how their friendship is blooming at the moment. In fact, we are currently watching #TejRan videos on loop and trust us when we say that the obsession is real. Just in case, you too find this new turn of events in the Bigg Boss house hella intriguing, here are seven #TejRan videos that will have you hooked:

Morning Cuddles 

This was actually the first #TejRan video that had us asking “what’s cooking?” In the video, Tejasswi could be seen waking up Karan in the morning with a warm hug. While Karan refused to get up in the clip, he adorably reached out for Tejasswi’s hand and pulled her closer, and well, need we say more?

Melting Over Marshmallows 

In the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Karan was asked to feed Teju marshmallows coated in hot sauce and their chemistry in the clip was next level. 

Can’t Keep His Hands Off Her 

Karan is a self-confessed Teju fan. From her hair flip to her cute nature, he likes it all so much so that he is often spotted treating her like a little baby. Watch carefully and notice how he subtly touches her cheek in this video:

Tête-à-tête Time

Of late, Karen and Teju have been having a lot of heart-to-heart conversations. They sure have the #TejRan shippers jumping in excitement with last night’s chat. From the kind of partners they prefer in life to the fact that they love talking to each other, the two discussed it all and we just can’t right now!

Constantly Checking On Her

Pick up clips from any of the aggressive Bigg Boss tasks and you’d notice that Karan is always looking after Tejasswi. Take, for instance, this video in which he is ensuring if she is fine during a task. How cute is this? Oh and also, this was when the two of them were in separate teams. 

The True Blue Bollywood Moment 

In tonight’s precap, we can see Karan lifting Tejasswi in his arms and it is safe to say that Bigg Boss 15 has just fulfilled all our Bollywood fantasies.

The Love, The Care, The Respect

In last night’s live, Teju could be seen sitting on Karan’s lap (yessss!) but that’s not what has our attention in this clip. You gotta check out how he takes a cushion and keeps it on Teju’s leg to place his hand instead of putting it directly on her legs. As they say, a gentleman is a gentleman does!

Tell us fam, which one of these #TejRan moments did you love the most?

Featured Image: Twitter

26 Oct 2021

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