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Ye Teja Teka Kya Hai? Bigg Boss 15 Contestants Ganging Up Against Tejasswi Prakash Reek Of Sexism

Since the introduction of the VIP zone, things have changed drastically in the Bigg Boss 15 house. In the past week, all those who were being hailed as the heroes of the house have become the new villains with Tejasswi Prakash topping the “most hated” list. Everyone has a problem with her attitude and tone now and they aren’t leaving any chances to call her out for the same. In fact, even Tejasswi’s friends are beginning to turn against her now and her recent fights with Umar Riaz and Nishant Bhatt are proof. Take a look at the live feed and you are sure to find someone or the other bitching about her in some corner of the house. Now, here is the question–why is everyone turning against Tejasswi when there were four other people who went to the VIP zone along with her? Because from where we see it, she is playing her game and is just being assertive in voicing her opinions. Perhaps that’s exactly where the problem lies! We are of the view that sexism has a lot to do with why Tejasswi is the biggest target in the Bigg Boss house. Here’s why:

Sexist Much?


It is kinda hilarious that so many contestants are busy finding a fault with Tejasswi’s tone when people easily get away with so much more in the Bigg Boss house. This witch hunt started earlier this week with Neha Bhasin who lashed at the actress for allegedly not listening to anyone during a budget task. Irritated by Teja, she even called her “brainless” and kept shouting at her for minutes on end. This was quite surprising given that Neha is besties with Pratik Sehajpal who simply lacks the ability to listen to other people’s opinions. The very same day Umar Riaz was seen insulting Tejasswi because she asked him to frame “crisp” questions during a task. Later, he even told Karan Kundrra that it is Tejasswi’s tone that he has been having a problem with. But that’s not it. Nishant Bhat has also raised issues with Tejasswi’s tone and behaviour in the house and Pratik feels that she is ditto like Divya Agarwal. Well, maybe she is.

Tejasswi is like Divya in the sense that she is literally the only person who stands against Pratik in the most aggressive arguments and refuses to bow down. She is like Divya in the sense that she can easily ruffle his features which of course is not sitting well with Pratik or any other men in the house. Ironically, the people who have been raising issues with Teja’s tone are the same ones who abuse each other left, right and centre and have even been involved in physical violence. Tejasswi on the other side hasn’t ever used a single swear word in any fights. Then why is she being called out for her way of talking before they raise a finger on anyone in the house? ‘Coz she is a strong woman who speaks her mind and well, the rest is self-explanatory.

Or Is It Insecurity?


On second thought, the contestants’ problem with Tejasswi can also be owing to the fact that she is quite popular and often gets praised by the guests in Weekend Ka Vaar episodes. Her connection with Karan, of course, makes her all the more powerful and while the other contestants might not accept it openly, they sure know what is happening right now. This can be the reason why every time Tejasswi gets a moment to shine or prove her point, they all come pouncing at her to make her lose track.

But is it working? Clearly not and we hope that it doesn’t in the coming months as well. Here’s to Tejasswi Prakash and her fearless spirit!

Featured Image: Twitter

18 Nov 2021

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