#MakeTheirDay: 13 Compliments That Sound Genuine & Interesting

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 5, 2016


Who doesn’t love receiving compliments? We ALL do! They make us smile, blush and most importantly, feel fantastic about ourselves! When they come with good intentions and the right choice of words, they sure as hell can make someone’s day instantly! Here are 13 interesting and original compliments you can give to people and make their day!

1. Your hair looks amazing today!

Behind every girl’s perfect hairdo, there are hours of preparation. And for you to notice and appreciate that can bring a smile to her face. Just a simple thing like hair can make someone’s day. So, go ahead, say it!

original compliments

2. You’re such a positive person!

Positivity sounds easy, but maintaining that spirit is not something everyone can do. Telling someone they’re a positive person gives them a push to remain exactly the way they are. So, if you want to be surrounded by that positivity forever , make sure you tell the other person how much you appreciate it!

3. Seeing you makes me happy

This compliment works both ways – not only will you feel superbly happy saying it, the person hearing it will also share the same emotion! The motive is to make that person feel good about themselves and to encourage them to continue being their bubbly self!

original compliments

4. You’re adding life to that outfit!

When you compliment someone’s outfit, you’re indirectly complimenting their personality. And THAT makes them feel oh-so special! This also pushes them to dress their best more often, which is always a great boost for the ego!

5. You are SUCH a good friend!

Finding a good friend is as rare as finding a pearl in an oyster. So, telling someone that you see a good friend in them makes them want to be around you all the more!

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6. I love how I can talk about ANYTHING with you

In today’s world, people rarely open up to each other. The thought of baring one’s feelings in front of another person IS scary. If you open up to the right people, they too will let you into their comfort zone. Sometimes, these risks are worth taking! The strong friendship you get in return will become your true reward.

7. I wish I could be more like you

This compliment is probably one of the best, ever! Besides being a major confidence-booster, it makes the other person feel sought-after too. And who doesn’t want to feel that! You say this one particular sentence to someone you truly admire, and you’ll have a guide, friend and confidant for life!

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8. You’re the perfect mix of beauty and brains!

Let’s face it – every girl wants to hear this. It makes them feel beautiful about being themselves. It encourages them to believe that they’re special. Go ahead, make her feel super special, we say!

9. When I’m with you, life just seems better!

Life CAN be stressful. Having someone tell you that they feel amazing when you’re around them is a feeling that cannot be matched by anything else! To let the other person know that they’re having a positive impact on your life is beautiful!

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10. You just made my day!

Knowing that you’re the reason for someone’s happiness, is flattering. It’s an accomplishment and it makes you constantly want to be there for that person!

original compliments

11. Your smile lights up the room!

The way a person smiles or laugh speaks volumes about their personality. Tell someone that they have a great smile to make them smile EVEN more. and see the world becoming a better place, instantly!

12.  You have a great sense of style

Pretty much everyone we come across is conscious about the way they dress. They want to look good, while making sure their clothing reflects their sense of style. So, be the person who reassures their beliefs. Tell them that the effort they put in is clearly showing, and how wonderfully!

13. I like you JUST the way you are!

Telling someone that you like them for who they truly are gives them a reason to be themselves when they’re with you. It builds trust and strengthens bonds. In the world we live in today, we’re constantly trying to be someone we’re not. So, letting someone know that they can be themselves when they’re with you, makes them appreciate your friendship even more.

original compliments

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