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I’d Double Tap That: Indoor Photoshoot Inspo If You Wanna Make Living With Bae More Fun

I’d Double Tap That: Indoor Photoshoot Inspo If You Wanna Make Living With Bae More Fun

Currently, life seems to only consist of waking up a minute before you’ve to punch in at work, wearing your pyjamas, going till the living room and coming back into the bedroom. What day is it, is it the weekend, how many days have passed since we’ve been locked up inside- it all seems like a great, big blur. But we’ve got some great ideas for you if you want to make staying indoors with your bae a little more fun. Put on a face mask, wear a cute dress and let’s have a party of two!

If You Love Clicking Pictures, This Is A Great Time To Have An Indoors Photoshoot With Your Bae

So get the self-timer on cause we’ve got cozy, happy pictures that you can click with your S.O. If you’ve got a phone tripod then well and good but even a pile of books with your phone carefully balanced works for the time being.


Sprinkle Some Love

Confetti makes everything better and you can debate me on this. Pick out quirky glasses or hats that you picked up at a music festival and the white wall in your house makes for the best background. If you don’t have confetti at home, you can always do a DIY craft project of cutting up some colourful paper. 

Snuggle Bug

The cuteness in fairy lights can never be exaggerated. They make every space a happy and cheerful one. Put up a black cloth on the wall and decorate it with the Diwali lights lying around the house and make the space your own. A great touch is to wear your hubby’s oversized shirt to make it look sultry at the same time.


Warmth In All Forms

A warm drink in hand and bae’s warm skin next to yours, could life get any more perfect? Make the most of a bad situation and make two cups of piping hot coffee and click cute, candid pictures while you’re at it. If nothing, you’ll get great Instagram pictures by the end of this quarantine.

Never Too Old For Teddy Bears

Photoshoots work so well with props but since you can’t go out to get anything fancy, you’ve got to make do with what you have lying around. This teddy bear or your fav stuffed toy makes for a great add on to a cute shot with boo.


Bring Out That Inner Sexy Goddess

For the past few weeks, you’ve been without makeup, you’ve had your hair up in a messy bun so why not have a day of getting dressed fancy. Put on makeup and go crazy with the highlighter, do up your hair and colour coordinate your outfit with your boo. White and blue denim is easy cause you both surely have these in your wardrobe. 

Comfy and Cheerful

OMG, is there anything better than snuggling with your boo and having absolutely no other agenda for the rest of the day? This cute photograph is all about that. Put on a pair of cute PJs and match your tees and cuddle and click loads of pictures. 


Sunny With Honey Bunny

Find a sunny spot in your house so that lighting isn’t a problem and just go with the flow. Get mushy, be cute, be quirky, cause after all, these pictures are just for you. Trust us, quarantine won’t feel so long and dragged out if you indulge in some fun activities once in a while.

Aren’t these aww-dorable indoor inspiration pictures? 3…2…1… say cheeeseeee!


Featured Image Source: Instagram

07 Apr 2020
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