10 Things That Happen When Your Mom’s Ignoring Your Boyfriend

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 6, 2016


So you met someone great, dated, and are now in a full-fledged relationship! Well, you’re obviously sure, but guess who isn’t? Yes, that’s right, your mom! She knows you’re with someone, but she is in denial mode – then these are a few things she’s most likely doing! We give you a snapshot of most Indian parents’ reaction to one’s “boyfriend”.

1. When talking about him, she asks how your “friend” is doing

She will never ever put the “boy” in front of the friend. Whether it’s an introduction to a family member or in a random discussion, she makes sure to make it clear that he’s just a good friend!

indian parents reaction to boyfriend

2. But when you’re not around you can be sure she’s discussing him with your aunt or her best friend (they may even FB-stalk him)

Just simply asking you about him is too awkward, because then she’d have to acknowledge him as your boyfriend!

indian parents reaction to boyfriend

3. She refers to him as a sweet boy and will often pretend that she can’t place him correctly.

Achchha, that sweet boy who got you nice flowers on your birthday? Of course I remember him.”

4. She asks you frequently if you’ve “met someone nice yet”, even though you might have been discussing your boyfriend’s newest venture with her just seconds before

“How come you’re the only one who doesn’t ever find a boy, beta? No nice guys at the friend’s wedding you went for last night?”

indian parents reaction to boyfriend

5. She is also constantly trying to set you up with “eligible boys”

Arre, you should be open to the idea of meeting people no?”

6. Your mom overhears you making weekend plans with him…

And says: “You must spend time with your own family also, beta.

indian parents reaction to boyfriend

7. You tell her you’re going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day with him…

Her response: “Who else is going with you?”

8. He comes home with you after picking you up from work. But before you can even offer him a cup of tea, your mum’s rushed into the living room!

“Oh, you’re here also? Your work must be very light that you can leave so early!”

9. The two of you relocate to your room…  

She gives you the eyes to leave your door open, for starters. If you ignore all the signals, she doesn’t shy away from swooping in and saying something like “Yahaan peh abhi safaai baki hai, baahar aake baith jao.” Even though it’s 8 o’clock in the evening.

10. And if you’re chilling with him (in the living room), dressed in ghar ke kapde

“Why don’t you wear some long pants, macchhar kaatenge, dengue is doing the rounds.”

indian parents reaction to boyfriend

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