I Masturbated In The Office For My Boyfriend & Here’s My Story

AnonymousAnonymous  |  Apr 18, 2019
I Masturbated In The Office For My Boyfriend & Here’s My Story


Let me start by saying that I was in a BDSM relationship and I was the submissive one. As a couple, we experimented with bondage, sadism, and masochism. It was after reading Fifty Shades Of Grey that I realised I enjoyed all aspects of kink.

I met a man much older than me on a dating app and we realised that we were the perfect fit. He liked spanking and I liked getting spanked. He liked controlling my every move in bed and I liked giving up control. He liked pushing my limits and I was willing to do just about everything with him.

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Another disclaimer, I work as a sex writer for a top Indian lifestyle magazine. On a dreary Monday morning, my editor brightened up my day by commissioning me a story on sex toys. Now can you imagine researching about the kinkiest of kinky toys in office? Everything from butt plugs and dildos to floggers and paddles. Of course, I got excited. 

I rushed to the bathroom and decided to send Sir (yes, I call him Sir) a dirty, little picture of me. Sneakily I clicked my breasts and sent it on Snapchat with the message “Missing what you would have done with these 😉”. 

I rushed back to my desk and started working again when a text message came from him. He wrote, “Oh baby, don’t challenge me!”

Knowing that he was out of town for work, I knew this would be the time that I could push his buttons without repercussions. I replied, “Maybe I am in the mood to!”

He instantly called me up and told me to go to the bathroom while he was still on the phone. I did as he said because I was curious to see where this would go. 

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In a stern voice, he told me to take my top and pants off and touch myself. At first, I found it a little weird that I was in my office bathroom and touching myself. What if someone heard me? What if my boss had some urgent work? What if I needed to rush for a meeting? My mind kept spinning with thoughts like these. 

But hearing his strong voice guiding me, I started giving in. He told me where to touch myself and I followed every instruction diligently. 

And suddenly, I climaxed HARD.

giphy %2820%29

Breathing heavily, he was still on the phone, sniggering at my reaction. I coyly told him that I’ll call him later. I wore my clothes and walked away, blushing. Obviously, none of my colleagues understood why I was so happy and chatty for the rest of the day.

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