7 Sexy Things All Confident Women Do In Bed That Makes Them Irresistible!

7 Sexy Things All Confident Women Do In Bed That Makes Them Irresistible!

Confidence is a woman's sexiest asset. It can set her apart from the crowd and make her instantly noticeable. But self-assurance doesn't come by easily, it can honestly take years to be comfortable in your own body and own your sexuality and once you start to love yourself for who you are, the game completely changes. You wouldn't accept anything less than you deserve and you'll go after what you want with full force - even in the bedroom. That's why there are certain things confident women do in bed that makes sex much better and pleasurable for themselves and their partners. If you're looking to improve your sex life, you should start doing these too!

1. They Love Themselves

All of themselves. Their stretch marks, their cellulite, their belly fat, their thighs - everything. They've taken time to get to know and love their bodies even with their flaws. They don't compare themselves to others or hold themselves up to the crazy standards that society has set for them. They're unabashedly themselves and not afraid to show themselves off.

2. They Own Their Sexuality

But they don't stop at loving themselves. To know their bodies better and further their pleasure, they explore themselves too. They know what works for them sexually and what doesn't. This way, when they're with a partner, they can help guide them better too! 

2 confident women do in bed

3. They Aren't Afraid To Take The Lead

Whether it is about initiating sex or getting on top, they're never afraid to take the lead. They don't worry about things like whether their partner will judge them and they don't pretend to be coy or shy if they aren't. They're comfortable in their own skin and love taking charge.

4. They Are Not Afraid To Say What Works & What Doesn't 

Sex is different for every person and what works for one may not work for the other. A woman who is at home with herself will let you know if you're doing something that doesn't give her pleasure. She's not going to fake it for your satisfaction as she lies there, unsatisfied and unhappy. She knows that her partner's and hers, pleasure is equally important for both. 

confident women do in bed 1

5. They Love To Experiment

From sex toys to new positions to kinks, self-assured women aren't scared to experiment while having sex. They know that missionary isn't enough and sex needs spicing up from time to time. A little strip tease here, a little handcuffing there and they're happy!

6. They Take Protection Seriously

In a world where we're constantly talking about equality, confident women do not put the responsibility of protection on the man. They take charge and make sure that they aren't dependent on their partner. The guy forgot the condom? No problem, they have them there in the nightstand.  

3 confident women do in bed

7. They Say No 

Saying no is not a privilege, it is a right. Confident women know that they have this right and use it as much as required. They do not do things against their will and make sure their wishes are respected. They extend this right to their partners as well and respect their 'no' equally.

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