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7 Easy Ways To Stay Warm During Your Winter Workout

7 Easy Ways To Stay Warm During Your Winter Workout

Waking up and getting out of your cozy bed is hard enough in winters, stepping out of the comfort of your house to exercise is even worse. From running and stretching to weightlifting, everything just seems and is ten times harder in the cold. If you’ve been skipping your workout because you think you’ll catch a cold or fall ill, well, here’s how to stay warm during your winter workouts! These tips will definitely keep you cozy and ensure you have a great workout without feeling too flustered about it.


1. Layer up!

1 how to stay warm during winter workouts girl running

The key to a great workout in winters is to ensure you don’t feel too cold. So layer up as much as you need to without worrying about how much you’ll sweat or feel warm. Sweat dries faster in winters so there is a chance you’ll end up feeling cold if you don’t cover yourself up. Don’t think twice about wearing that hoodie!

2. Cover your forehead

2 how to stay warm during winter workouts cover forehead %281%29

It’s absolutely crucial that you cover your head with a headband or a cap, if you plan to exercise outdoors. Cold air can give you headaches that last all day long. Even if it’s for a couple of minutes of stretching, this will help you exercise comfortably for a longer duration.

3. Sip water continuously

3 how to stay warm during winter workouts sip water

We almost always forget to drink water and more so in winters, because we sweat less. However, it’s crucial to sip some water every now and then as you exercise. It will re-hydrate your body while sweating and prevent dehydration. Just because you don’t feel thirsty doesn’t mean your body doesn’t want water!

4. Get out when it’s sunny!

4 how to stay warm during winter workouts step out when its sunny

Change your workout timings a lil’ bit. Try and work out when the sun’s out or it’s slightly warmer. Post 8 am is a good time because it’s bright and sunny. It will also help you dress comfortably as you won’t have to wear all those extra layers.

5. Keep your ears covered

5 how to stay warm during winter workouts ears covered

This could be by wearing a headband, a cap or ear muffs. Keep your ears covered and ensure you’re protected. It’s easy to catch a cold with your ears being exposed to the cold winds.

6. Switch to woollen socks

6 how to stay warm during winter workouts woolen socks

Woolen socks are definitely your best friends in winters. They’ll keep your feet warm and protected. Ensure you’re not wearing cotton or thin synthetic ones as they’ll be completely useless in preventing the cold!

7. All things warm!

7 how to stay warm during winter workouts warm up

Lastly, don’t forget to wear a layer of thermals if you’re somewhere where it’s too cold. It’s advised to have a warm cup of water as well before heading out to increase the temperature of the body!

Hopefully, these tricks will help you stay warm during your workout!

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20 Dec 2017

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