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New Job? Here’s How To Start Fun Conversations In Office!

New Job? Here’s How To Start Fun Conversations In Office!

Very often we get stuck in situations where we’re required to make conversation with strangers but we’re either too shy or too clueless about where to start. And most often such situations occur at a new workplace where we’re surrounded by new faces. Don’t become that awkward colleague who says the wrong things at the wrong time. Here are some handy tips to help you glide through such situations like a pro!

1. What After That First “Hello”?

While ‘hello’ is a great way of starting a conversation, it is weird when there is an awkward silence after that. When someone says hello, don’t respond with just a hello back. Take it further, ask how long they’ve been around, where they live, etc. Open-ended questions are great conversation starters!

First day At Work

2. That Conversation About The Weather

Nothing makes people comfortable like talking about something that is non-political and non-controversial. Talking about the weather is a great way to get colleagues to respond. It may be a bit clichéd, but it does work!

First Day At Work

3. Pay A Compliment…And Receive Them Graciously As Well!

Want to make friends fast? Be generous with your compliments! Tell a colleague how wonderful her earrings look or how well her dress fits her. Accepting compliments graciously is essential to be a friend magnet at work. Wear something distinctive to work for those compliments – it could be a customised jacket or a unique piece of jewellery. We love the Mia by Tanishq range for its understatedness and the eye-catching designs which are bound to have the ladies around the office wanting to come around for a chat to find out what you’re wearing!

3. Compliment - First Day At Work

4. Put Your Listening Skills To Work

The most important rule of a conversation is to listen to the other person. If you’re keeping your ears open during a conversation, you end up picking up the other person’s interests and talking about those interests keeps the conversation going.

4. Listening - First Day At Work

5. Flash Those Pearlies

While all of the above points are equally important, the most essential part of ice-breaking is to smile. Unless you seem like a person who is pleasant and forthcoming, the person talking to you will not open up.

5. Smile gif -  First Day At Work

6. What’s In A Name? Everything!

Unless you remember a person’s name, don’t bother walking up to them for a second round of conversation. Not remembering what someone is called is disrespectful and outright rude. Imagine someone addressing you like this: “Hey you, what was your name again?”. Don’t like it? Don’t do it!

6. Name - First Day At Work

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05 May 2016

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