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How To Tell What People Are Thinking… But Not Saying!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
How To Tell What People Are Thinking… But Not Saying!


Don’t all of us wish we could read minds? It’d be just SO cool to know exactly what everyone around us was thinking but not saying! Guess what? We’re gonna grant you that wish with these 8 little tricks that’ll help you decode everyone’s body language around you! Non-verbal communication says a lot about the kind of person one is and if you want to know what’s going on inside those heads, read on…

1. How do you know if someone is lying?

Watch out for their lips. People who lie, often lick their lips and cup their mouths. They also repeat words and provide more information and details than required, all to convince you of their lie.

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2. How do you know if someone is uncomfortable?

It’s easy to detect a nervous person – but not so much in the professional world where everyone knows how to mask that common stutter and fidgety behaviour. Having said that, there are still things people do to calm themselves- like swallowing excessively, dropping eye contact, pointing their feet towards the door or rubbing the back of their necks, or their palms – that give them away.

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3. How do you know if someone is super confident?

You can know how worthy someone feels by the space he/she thinks he/she deserves to occupy. While a person with low self confidence would try to shrink and slouch, to make himself/herself invisible,  the confident person would spread out and occupy a fair share of the table.

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4. How do you know who controls everybody else?

You want to know who’s the boss? Pay attention to body postures. Someone who looks relaxed yet alert, and is enthused and animated with his facial and hand gestures will usually be senior in rank and position. It’s simply the difference between who’s on-board and who’s plain bored!

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5. How do you know who is silently disagreeing with you?

Yeah, no one at work likes to come across as being closed to opinions and views – even though they secretly are! It’s not really hard to nod along with someone EVEN without actually agreeing to them, right? So simply observe who sits with hunched shoulders and crossed arms from you and you’ll know who’s disagreeing with you.

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6. How do you know who’s your friend?

Of course this person smiles, but it’s not a tight, formal smile – it’s an open, warm one. What really sets this person apart from others though is how he pulls off the mirroring act on you – copying you action for action, as a sign of approval. Plus, the tone of his voice will usually be soothing and moderated when addressing you.

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7. How do you know who’s a total fake?

Oh, this is a difficult but super important one. If you want to separate the chaff from the wheat – just hear a person’s’ stories carefully. If they are usually inconsistent, he is probably faking it.

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8. How do you know if someone is breaking under pressure?

Everyone tries to play it cool at work, but there are a few who are reeling under too much pressure and anxiety, even though they might be trying to cover it up. And yet you can easily recognise them by their frequently clenched jaw, tightened neck, or furrowed brow.

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FYI, all these signals generally hold true, but may vary according to an individual and his/her situation. Always look out for external stimuli and context to every situation to understand a person and his actions better. Happy mind reading 🙂

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