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Plopping Not Doing Any Good To Your Curls? Here’s Where You Could Be Going Wrong!



The journey of getting defined, bouncy curls is long and tedious. Aside from picking the right shampoos and conditioners, your post-shower routine also makes a huge difference. We’re sure that watching those endless YouTube styling videos, and reading numerous articles on curly hair might all seem tedious and cumbersome right now, but from one curly-haired girl to another, trust me when I say— it is totally worth it!

One term that we often come across is the plopping technique that’s supposed to work wonders. But if you still can’t seem to get those perfectly moisturised coils, just like the girls in the video, then you’re probably missing out on a few things. Don’t fret! We’ve noted down everything you need to do to get those envious curls after every hair wash.

Steps To Achieving The Best Curls


Plopping is not just wrapping your hair in a cotton or satin cloth. To get perfectly defined curls, you need to add a few products to the routine and know the right wrapping technique.

Step 1: Use A Good Curling Product

Use A Good Curling Product



Just like your skin needs moisturiser after a shower to keep it hydrated, so does your curls. After washing off the conditioner, use a curl defining cream or gel while the hair is still wet. For even-coverage, split your hair into four sections and apply a generous amount starting from your roots going all the way down to the tips. Once you’re done, start scrunching from the tips to roots to add volume and to reduce frizz.

Adding sulfate and paraben-free products to your hair while it is still wet will help keep your curls hydrated, leaving it bouncy and defined when it dries.

Step 2: Plop It Up

Plopping is not just twisting your hair in a towel and putting it up; the material you use, the technique — everything counts! Your regular, rough towels just won’t work if you want frizz-free hair. Instead, use a soft microfibre towel or a big cotton t-shirt for this step.

– Start by laying the t-shirt flat horizontally on a surface.
– Flip your hair over and lower it down to the centre of the T-shirt. Keeping your head down, start to roll the T-shirt inwards from the top and bottom.
– Once you’re done, grasp the ends of the T-shirt and tie it in a knot to keep your hair perfectly secured within.

You could either leave this on for about an hour until all the water is absorbed or you can even keep it on overnight.

Step 3: Add More Product

Add More Product


Once the water is absorbed, free your hair from the T-shirt. You will instantly notice your natural curls perfectly shaped. But it doesn’t end here. Your curls will require more product in order to stay put and coiled. Use the praying hands’ method to apply a light-weight gel all over and later scrunch it up from the tips to roots to add more definition et, voila — impeccably defined curls.

The plopping method is the easiest way to enhance your curls, so go on and try it out!

Featured Image: Pexels

10 Nov 2020

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