This New Artistic Hair Trend Taking Over Social Media Is Perfect For Curly-Haired Girls

This New Artistic Hair Trend Taking Over Social Media Is Perfect For Curly-Haired Girls

Calling all those with curly and coily hair, a new hair colouring technique is taking over social media and this one is designed specifically for your hair type. Move over chocolate chai hair and pink tips, there’s a new trend brewing in the haircare world and it has got our full attention. We’re talking about Pintura highlights! This hair colouring technique has been around for a while but only recently has it come under the spotlight.

So, what are Pintura highlights and how is it beneficial for all the curly-haired peeps? Well, let us enlighten you. Keep on scrolling to get all the deets on this must-try hair trend.

What Are Pintura Highlights?

Pintura is a Spanish word which literally translates to “painting”. This method refers to a specific hair colouring technique used by hairstylists to create a "ribbon of light" effect. This is achieved when the hues are directly applied to each curl without the use of foils or bleach which is otherwise commonly used while getting highlights. And unlike balayage, where a large section of the hair is coloured, the Pintura method allows the hairstylist to pick and choose individual strands of hair that need to be “painted” with different hues in order to make the curls pop. This hair technique also adds dimension to the hair, while giving it a natural look and feel. Plus, it requires fewer chemicals, so you needn’t worry about damaging your curls.

Remember, since this is basically a freehand technique, the results may vary from person to person. You can either opt for bold colours or subtle hues to add a bit of versatility to your curls or coils.

Pintura Hue Ideas

Have we piqued your interest? Before booking your appointment with your hairstylist, browse through our selection of Pintura hairstyles and screenshot your favourite to show your hairstylist.

Warm Subtle Tones

Those looking to add dimension to their curls without the use of bold colours can opt for warmer hues like cinnamon, bronze or chocolate brown. These hues are a winter favourite as they create the illusion of naturally healthy, bouncy hair.

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Bold Ends

If your ends feel lifeless, you can opt for strategically placed bold, bright hues on the tips. This may seem simple, but trust us when we say, it will elevate your look instantly and take it from 10 to 100.


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Blonde Ambition

If you’ve always been fascinated with going blonde but not sure if it will suit you or your curls, give this method a shot. Since the Pintura method is all about painting curl by curl, you needn’t worry about it looking too dramatic or overwhelming.


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Dramatic Hues

Pintura method is not only about creating natural highlights. If you love all things edgy, you could even opt for your not-so-generic hues like blue, green and even purple.

Best of all, the Pintura highlight method is one of the most low-maintenance hair colouring techniques out there. So, aside from using hair products for coloured hair, you don’t need to worry about any other after-colour haircare rules.


Featured Image: Instagram