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Get, Set, Glow! Here’s How To Make Your Own Creamy Highlighter At Home

Get, Set, Glow! Here’s How To Make Your Own Creamy Highlighter At Home

There are different types of highlighter formulas in the market today–powder, liquid, cream, and jelly. However, I find working with creamy highlighters to be the simplest of them all because of their easy-to-blend texture and natural finish. If you don’t own a creamy highlighter yet, no worries! I’m going to teach you how to make one from scratch using the makeup you already own.

How To Make Your Own Creamy Highlighter At Home


It’s time to glow, baby glow!

Things You Need:

  • Gold eyeshadow
  • Clean empty container
  • Face lotion
  • Spoon
  • Primer

How To Do It

Step 1: Add 1 tsp of gold eyeshadow powder into a tiny container

Step 2: Add 4-5 pumps of face lotion

Step 3: Squeeze in 2-3 drops of your gel primer

Step 4: Use a spoon to mix all the ingredients. 

Step 5: You’ll know when your creamy highlighter is ready. When the mix turns into a thick shimmery paste, it’s ready! (If you’re not satisfied with the colour, feel free to add more gold eyeshadow powder)

Now that your creamy highlighter is ready, the next thing you’d want to learn is how to use it. To pick the product, you can either use your fingers or a stippling brush. Apply the creamy highlighter to your cheekbones (above your cheeks) brow bone and a tiny bit of product on your cupid’s bow. 

Also, since DIY products have a shorter shelf-life than commercial products, it’s best to make small batches of them. If you do end up making more, you can give them out as gifts to friends and family. After all, everyone loves free makeup products!

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05 Aug 2020

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