Here's How To Use Your Bathroom Products When They've Lived Their Shelf Life

Here's How To Use Your Bathroom Products When They've Lived Their Shelf Life

By now, you have all the time in the world to organise your beauty cabinet and the products lying on your bathroom shelf too. During this Mari Kondo phase of your life, you'll also notice that while organising your bathroom products, you'll also find some products that have passed their expiry dates. What do you do with them? Chuck them into a bin or find a new way to reuse them? You do the latter. 

How To Use Your Bathroom Products When They've Passed They've Lived Their Shelf Life

You may not be able to use these products on your body, but you can definitely find alternative uses for them. Let's find out how!


The shelf life of toothpaste is 2 years and a toothbrush is 2 months. If you've just discovered that you have a brand new toothpaste sitting in your bathroom for 2 years then, do not discard it yet. You can use the toothpaste to scrub items made out of silverware and brass. Plus, if you have kids and they've painted your walls with crayons, toothpaste helps to remove those stains too!

Shaving Cream

Just like toothpaste, shaving cream also expires in 2 years. You can use it to clean stubborn stains on ovens, microwaves, furniture, tarnished jewellery. All you have you do is put some shaving cream on the surface of the item and wait for 30 minutes and later, use an old toothbrush to brush all the gunk off. 

Shaving Cream, Obviously!

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Deodorant can be used for 1-2 years, and after that, it goes bad. If you haven't used it for that long and it's still in your bathroom don't chuck it out. You can use the deodorant to spray your cupboard, the inside portion of the smelly soles of your shoes, a car freshener and so on. It's risky to spray on your body because it can cause acne and lead to skin irritation. Hence, it's best to use on non-living things.


The moment the loofah gets exposed to water, it's life starts ticking away. You can then only use it for 2 months as it becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. You can use the loofah to scrub tap handles, toilet seats or maybe even cut it open and use it as a net bag to store your other beauty products.


A moisturiser lasts for 2 years and after that, you can see a change in texture and consistency of the product. Since its primary job is to moisturise, you can use it on rusted metals and stuck zippers. You can use some bit of product to tame flyaways. 




If you're a haircare hoarder then we bet you've probably not even completely finished using one bottle of shampoo. Shampoos last for 2-3 years and if it has lived its shelf-life, there is no need to toss it into the drain. What you can do is use shampoo to clean your kitchen cutlery, your bathroom tiles, wash your floor and even clean your jewellery! It will make all your items squeaky clean and shiny!


Mouthwashes last for just 2-3 years and if you haven't used this product yet, you can now use it as a hand sanitizer (sugar-free ones) and an odour diffuser if by chance the stench of garlic, fish, onion and chicken won't leave your hands. 

If you think we missed out on any other bathroom products, do share!

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