11 Ways To Make Him Have *Naughty* Thoughts About You!

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Dec 9, 2016
11 Ways To Make Him Have *Naughty* Thoughts About You!

Wondering how to make him have naughty thoughts about you? To enter his mind and then never leave it again? We’ve got you covered, like we always do! Here are 11 simple ways you can put those naughty thoughts in his mind!

1. Bend down

If you want him to instantly think about you in a naughty way and you are physically with him, then use this little trick. Drop something on the floor and just bend down to pick it up in such a way that he can clearly see your bottom. It is one of the most raunchy but non-sexual acts a girl can do to send her man’s pulse rate soaring!

2. Dare him!

Send him little dares throughout the day. They can be something as simple as ‘Take off your shirt and send me a picture!’ As long as it gets him thinking about what you’d want next, it serves the purpose!

2 how to make him have naughty thoughts

3. Then reward him

When he does complete the dare you gave him, reward him. If you are with him, give him a kiss…and if you are not with him, use the power of text and emoji to get his thoughts running wild!

4. Take him with you when you go lingerie shopping

What better way to make him imagine you in lingerie than buying it front of him? You can do this even if you aren’t with him, thanks to online shopping! Ask him for advice, find out what he likes and what he doesn’t…and get some shopping done at the same time!

4 how to make him have naughty thoughts

5. Tell him a sexy story

Put your imagination to good use! Tell him a story that will get him thinking about you two. It could be something sexy that happened to a friend, maybe? In no time at all, he will start thinking about the two of you in that scenario!

6. Do something…when least expected!

The element of surprise is what will take you far. Now, we don’t mean do it at the most inconvenient time for him. But whether it’s a hot kiss or naughty text, do it at a time when he isn’t expecting it. It will have even greater impact!

6 how to make him have naughty thoughts

7. One word – pictures!

If you trust him enough, then go ahead and send him some sexy pictures. No need to be completely explicit, just a little peek here and there will leave him wanting more!

8. Dirty talk…

There is no guy who doesn’t enjoy a bit of dirty talk. So get your dirty on and start talking, ladies! Here are some go-to naughty phrases you can use in case you feel stuck!

8 how to make him have naughty thoughts

9. Or just talk!

In case you feel dirty talking is a little too much for you, you can simply talk to him to get him feeling a bit naughty. Just tell him how much you miss him and how you would like to get some alone time with him – and how you think about the last time you were together! He’ll be thinking of that ‘alone time’ for a long, long time from now!

10. Sexting is always the answer!

Resort to good old sexting when nothing else seems to be working. There is no way he won’t be thinking about you after a good sext! Need help? Find some sexts to get you started here.

10 how to make him have naughty thoughts

11. Let him see you get dressed

If you are with him, then let him see you get dressed. Why? Well, that’s a sureshot way to get him to imagine undressing you! *Wink*

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