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10 Tips To Grow Your Hair Long (And Strong!) Before The Shaadi!

10 Tips To Grow Your Hair Long (And Strong!) Before The Shaadi!

You might love your lob to pieces but you also want to grow out your hair before getting hitched, right? This is a problem many brides-to-be face. If you want long and luscious locks for your wedding, follow these simple tips to grow your hair long well before your D-day. In no time, long and lustrous tresses will be yours.


1. Don’t trim your hair every month

1 grow your hair long

You might have heard that trimming your hair often makes it grow faster. While it’s not entirely false, it isn’t completely true, either. Your hair grows approximately half an inch every month and you wouldn’t want to chop off that progress, would you now? But at the same time, if you go without a haircut for a long period of time, the split ends can reach the shaft and break your hair. So, it’s advisable to get a trim only once in at least three months and not more than that!

2. Be kind to your hair

You know your wedding day is approaching and it’s best for you to avoid any harsh chemical products. Shampooing too often can rob off your hair of its natural oils which leads to dryness and breakage. Also, make sure to brush your hair with a bristle brush so that the oil from the roots get distributed to the entire length of your hair and you don’t have to shampoo often.

3. Drink lots of water

3 grow your hair long

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Staying hydrated is the key to longer and stronger hair. Water helps in getting rid of toxins from your body and helps in promoting hair growth. This is one of the best ways you can grow out your hair well before the wedding.

4. Hot oil treatment is the way to go

A nice, hot oil massage can break down product build up on your oily scalp. You can do a hot oil treatment even if you have an oily scalp as it stimulates hair growth. An easy way to do this at home is to apply coconut oil on your scalp and cover your hair with a hot towel for at least 15 minutes. Gently wash your hair with a shampoo and voila, you’re done. Follow this routine once in a week.

5. DIY methods are your best friends

5 grow your hair long

You will be surprised to know how some basic ingredients from your kitchen can transform your hair. You can make hair masks and conditioners at home that will help in boosting hair growth and will also make your hair stronger.

6. Use silk pillow covers

This might sound like an unnecessary luxury but you’ll be surprised to know how much difference a silk pillowcase can make. Your usual cotton fabrics tug at your hair while you sleep, causing it to break. Silk covers won’t cause unwanted friction and your hair will be smooth and knot-free in the morning!

7. Take supplements

7 grow your hair long

If you want to take supplements, it’s advisable that you start taking them at least 6-7 months in advance. Once you start consuming the multivitamins and other hair supplements, it takes a minimum of 2-3 months for you to see any kind of a positive change.

8. Eat smart

Ladies, we can’t stress on this enough that you are what you eat and you should never skip a healthy meal. Eat lots and lots of leafy vegetables and foods like fish that help in hair growth. The route to healthy and longer hair is the kind of food you eat and we bet you’ll get good results.

9. Never say no to a good massage!

9 grow your hair long

Ask your mother to give you a nice hot oil massage twice a week before the wedding. Massage stimulates blood flow, bringing nutrients to your scalp. It also helps in breaking down the ever annoying product build up. The best part about this massage would be, the amazing mother-daughter bonding before your wedding. You’d love that, wouldn’t you?

10. Ease up on the heat

Using styling products has a major hand behind dull and weak hair. A few months before the wedding, make sure to stop using any kind of heat styling products so that your hair regains the bounce and shine it had before.

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25 Jan 2017

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