9 Simple (But Amazing) Tips To Make Your Hair Grow… Faster!

9 Simple (But Amazing) Tips To Make Your Hair Grow… Faster!
Want envy-inducing, long locks but wish your hair growth would just hurry up already?! Try these simple tips to help your hair grow faster for mermaid-worthy locks. Get ready to make those long hair dreams come true!

1. Split Up With Split Ends

help your hair grow faster

Ironically, scissors are your friend when it comes to growing your hair long and healthy. Regular trims help get rid of dry and damaged tips, which would otherwise make their way up the length of your strands and prevent them from growing nicely. Avoid split ends from getting worse and visit your stylist every few months for a trim. Not getting one simply because you want to grow your hair isn’t the wisest decision.

2. Brush Love

Over-brushing your mane is bad for hair growth, but make it a point to brush those locks before going to bed at night. Giving them some brush love helps spread your scalp’s natural oils across your strands, which keeps them naturally moisturized, healthy as well as shiny. Use a boar bristle brush as those are the most gentle on your strands. And remember to start from the ends and work your way up to the roots to prevent ripping out your hair.

3. Don’t Try The Towel Turban Ever Again!

help your hair grow faster

It causes so much friction that leads to weakening and breakage. The tighter your towel the worse it is for your strands. Get your hands on a microfiber towel - or even a cotton T-shirt will do - to gently pat your strands dry. Remember you need to handle your locks with care.

4. Skip The Shampoo But Not The Conditioner

So many girls skip conditioner during a hair wash when they’re running late. It’s fine to skip the shampoo since it dries out your hair, but never conditioner. If your hair is wet, then conditioner is a must to nourish damaged strands and hydrate them. How else will they grow? Remember not to shampoo too often to avoid drying out your hair and messing with the natural pH balance of your scalp. When you do shampoo, lather up at the scalp only and let the suds slide down when you rinse, especially if your hair is dry and lackluster.

5. Long Hair Needs Extra TLC

help your hair grow faster

Hair that is at your shoulders or longer is a few years old, so it needs some more love and moisture than from just a normal conditioner. Try a hydrating mask and leave it on for 10 minutes, or an oil treatment. You don’t necessarily need to oil your hair overnight; instead, try using coconut, almond, olive or jojoba oil on damp strands for 10 minutes before shampooing and conditioning. This will help prevent the oil from leaving behind a residue, which takes multiple rounds of shampoo to get rid of, which only dries your hair further.

6. Switch Your Cotton Pillowcase

All that tossing and turning at night creates friction and hair breakage. What’s worse is that it’s something we never really think about, right? Ditch your regular pillowcase for a satin one that is so much softer and smoother on your strands. It will prevent your hair from weakening and help it grow stronger. Plus, it will help cut down on frizz too.

7. Try A Cool Rinse

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Steamy showers are actually super harsh on your hair. Hot water helps strip it of moisture, which is super bad for your hair’s health. You can’t expect unhappy hair to grow longer fast! Lower the temperature and try a cold-water rinse at the end of your shower. This tiny step over time can help lock in moisture and help your locks grow stronger.

8. Don’t Abuse It

Don’t rip your hair brush through your hair carelessly; don’t try super tight hairstyles too often and don’t torture it with excessive heat styling if you want your mane to grow beautifully. Pamper your hair with a head massage ever so often to increase circulation to your scalp to strengthen the roots and give you longer, shinier strands.

9. Healthy From The Inside

help your hair grow faster

Come on, you knew this was coming. Just like your skin, your hair is what you eat too. Load up on oodles of proteins, zinc and iron, which are essential for hair growth, and to cut down shedding. Pop a vitamin tablet daily too to help with overall health as well to keep your locks long and strong!

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