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Say Hello To The Skin Of Your Dreams With These Treatments For Acne Scars!

Say Hello To The Skin Of Your Dreams With These Treatments For Acne Scars!

Getting a pimple is one thing, the scars they leave behind is a whole other issue by itself. So what to do you ask? Well we’ve got a few simple at home remedies that can reduce the appearance of these acne scars, as well as some ways to avoid them altogether. Let’s begin shall we?!


1. Stop picking at your face!

1 acne scars - don't pick at your face

The number one reason why pimples and acne sometimes leave really bad scars is because we spend hours in front of the mirror touching and prodding our faces. This causes bruising around the affected area leading to unsightly acne scars. Try as hard as you can to leave your face alone so you don’t make it worse.

2. Specific acne combating products

If you know you are prone to getting acne that leave behind unsightly acne scars, then find products that have acne fighting ingredients in it or are made for acne prone skin. Look for benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acid in the listed ingredients. Nowadays you get makeup wipes, sunscreens and even foundations that are made for acne prone skin, so try to opt for those regularly instead of the usual beauty products.

POPxo recommends: L’Oreal Paris Ideal Skin Makeup Removing Towelettes (Makeup Remover Wipes) (Rs 400); Bioderma Photoderm Akn Mat SPF 30/ UVA 13 (Rs 1,479); Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation (Rs 550)

3. Washing your face often

3 acne scars - washing face too often

Don’t be lazy, wash your face at least twice a day so that you get rid of any dirt that accumulates in the pores to prevent acne and acne scars. This is a basic home remedy for keeping acne at bay. Getting rid of makeup and pollution will automatically improve your complexion as well.

4. Be careful with homemade masks

While we advocate gentle homemade face masks, don’t go crazy with ingredients that could do more harm than help. Lemon and lime juice can actually make skin more reactive instead of treating acne scars and blemishes. So read up on tried and tested home masks before you apply!

Best Pimple Marks Removal Cream

5. Don’t bleach!

5 acne scars -  don't bleach

If you’re still using bleach to lighten the appearance of acne scars you’ve got to stop. Bleach is really harsh on the skin, especially sensitive, acne prone skin. Instead opt for rose water that helps to fight acne, moisturise skin, remove acne scars, regenerate and strengthen skin cells. It tackles acne issues in a more natural non-invasive way that won’t further inflame your skin.

POPxo recommends: Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water (Rs 250)

6. Retinol infused serums and oils

While not all skin types react in the same way to retinol, overall, it does help to improve the look of acne scars. Retin-A or Retinol infused creams, oils and serums can help fight acne and reduce fine lines and wrinkles at the same time. Do consult a dermatologist before you try them though!

POPxo recommends: Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair (Rs 7,495)

7. Brightening face masks

7 acne scars - use brightening face masks

We’re not talking about bleaching or whitening masks, but rather masks that have kojic acid or licorice root in their ingredients that are known to help reduce or remove acne scars. There are many options available online that are budget friendly and effective.

POPxo recommends: Juicy Chemistry with Kokado Plum and Licorice (Rs 550)

8. Spot treatments

Whether it’s a serum or a cream, a good acne scar spot-treatment product is expensive but worth it. It targets the areas that have deep scars and require extra help to get rid of. We like that dries up blemishes and helps heal the area to remove acne scars faster.

POPxo recommends: Kaya Purifying Spot Corrector (Rs 2,990)

9. Sunscreen

9 acne scars - apply sunscreen

Sun damage is bad for regular skin let alone skin that is prone to acne and scars. So give your skin extra protection by using a dedicated SPF and don’t rely solely on your daily lotions with a little bit of SPF. A good sunscreen will help shield skin to the sun’s harsh rays that could make already scarred skin even darker. So start wearing sunscreen now!

POPxo recommends: Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ (Rs 199)

10. Natural Ingredients

If you are looking for an effective home remedy for acne scars, try making a mask using these ingredients that are gentle and natural:

Honey: It has natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic agents that will help to heal acne and prevent tough scars.

Aloe vera: Gel from the Aloe vera plant is said to treat stretch marks and acne scars. It also contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, astringent agents that improve the quality of skin.

Avocado: Avocados contains Vitamin C that works on your skin’s natural collagen to make it firmer. It also contains natural antibacterial and antifungal fighting agents.

Gram Flour: A natural and gentle exfoliator for dead skin; it also helps remove acne scars and brightens skin.

Try a mixture of these with a little water or coconut oil to bind, apply to the face for 10 to 20 mins and rinse off. Do test these ingredients on your wrist for any reactions, before putting it on your face to treat acne scars.

08 Sep 2017

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