9 Unexpected Things That Are Causing Your Skin to Break Out

9 Unexpected Things That Are Causing Your Skin to Break Out

You’ve used the best of products, avoided junk and oily food, and even consulted a dermatologist, but nothing seems to be making a difference. Well, here’s a list of 9 unexpected things that are causing your skin to break out. You didn't know that these little things in your daily life could be responsible for that annoying red zit, did you?

1. Subconsciously Touching Your Face

touching your face

All those TV commercials about washing your hands every couple of hours exist for a reason. Even if they look clean, your hands are dirtier than you imagined. Germs and bacteria collect under your fingernails and on your fingertips, which you then use to touch your face. We suggest you carry antibacterial wipes in order to deal with this - use them frequently!

2. Blasting the AC

With our stifling climate, it’s essential to have the air conditioning on full blast for several months of the year. However, constantly being exposed to cold air puts your skin at risk. It makes it dry and flaky, causing the skin to produce more oil, which ultimately leads to breakouts. If using an AC is something you cannot live without, make sure to place a humidifier in the room as it balances the moisture in the air. That way you're happy, and so is your skin!

3. Letting Your Hair Fall Over Your Face

hair all over

Did you know that hair strands have natural oils in them? If they aren’t regularly washed, the oil makes your scalp and hair get greasy and collect bacteria. When it comes in contact with the face, the oil and dirt then irritate the skin and clog the pores, giving rise to acne. To avoid these complications, just wash your hair regularly.

4. Sweating It Off

Even though sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling itself, if not wiped off completely, sweat could damage the skin immensely. Not wiping or washing off sweat can make it settle in your pores and clog them up, which triggers acne. At times, the fabrics of your clothes too could be responsible for unexpected breakouts. They trap dead skin cells and sweat against your body, causing irritation to the skin. That’s why you should always stick to clothes made out of cotton or other natural materials as they give your skin a chance to breathe!

5.Your Toothpaste Could Be a Cause

toothpaste brush

Not everyone, but most people subconsciously spread toothpaste on their lips and on the skin around their mouth while brushing. While the act may be completely innocent, toothpaste is not the friendliest substance you can put on your skin. The sodium lauryl sulfate (present in most toothpastes) has a deadly impact on the skin and causes irritation and acne. The next time you brush your teeth, please be a little more cautious, will you?

7. Unclean Makeup Brushes

unclean makeup brushes

If you haven’t cleaned your makeup brushes in a while, chances are that there are already tons of bacteria settled on it. When you’re applying makeup to your face, you are also applying bacteria to it, which gives rise to acne. Hence, it’s mandatory for you to clean those brushes regularly.

8. Being Over-Stressed

All of us know that stress makes your heart skip a beat, your tummy churn, your breath come faster and interferes with your sleep. However, did you also know that stress plays a role with acne buildup? Stress produces a hormone called cortisol, which can also trigger acne.

9. Touching the Screens of Your Gadgets (Tablet, Cell Phones, Computer Screen and Keyboard)

cell phone screen

If your hands are dirty, your touchscreen gadgets too are going to get dirty! Constantly pressing your phone against your face causes the germs to spread from the screen to your face, which gives rise to acne. To deal with this, opt for using a hands-free headset and clean your screen every day to avoid germ build up. Same with other gadgets - there's constant buildup of dirt and germs, and that keeps getting transferred to your fingers and skin. Please clean all your stuff regularly!

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