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Things Not Going Your Way? It’s OKAY – Here’s What To Do!

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  May 5, 2016
Things Not Going Your Way? It’s OKAY – Here’s What To Do!


No matter how chirpy and positive you are daily, sometimes life can turn into a little b*itch. When things go wrong, it could be just a phase which passes in a day while sometimes it could take a bit longer. But you know, right – tough times don’t last, tough people do?! We’ve come up with the perfect cheat code to survive life and win at it…like a boss!

1. Yoga power – go get it!

It has been scientifically proven that yoga is really good for us. The stretching, the meditation, the deep breathing – they all combine to calm our senses and help in actual problem solving. You will see things more clearly and will be able to act accordingly! Not to mention that sexy flush after your yoga session which will just make you feel better in an instant.

things not going your way 1

2. Don’t talk to everyone about it

Now we are well aware that people might disagree with us on this one. But it’s tried and tested, so we are going to share it anyway! (Yup, pretty darn rebellious like that.) The more people you talk to, the more opinions you are seeking. As you grow older, your problems become more complex. People don’t have solutions to your life, yet they love to give you their opinions. It’s time to grow up and realize that, sometimes, you have to let life take its own course. As time passes, answers become clearer. So stop providing fodder for gossip to everyone around you!

things not going your way 2

3. Sleep it off!

Nothing like a brand new morning for some fresh perspective! Had a fight with your boyfriend? Didn’t do well in an exam? You are probably tired and cranky. Just get a good night’s sleep! You can deal with whatever is bothering you in the morning. No good can come of angry texts – just remember that.

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4. Do a social media purge

You know one of the biggest problems we have in life? We spend too many waking moments marvelling at the lives of others. Yes, we know how it seems. Every single person on your timeline is on a dream vacation, or has scored the perfect job or has just gotten married to the love of their lives. At the risk of sounding cynical, you don’t know their back-stories! A lot of #blessed and #SoLucky hashtags are often a cover for all the other things in life for that’s going wrong. And you know what? We bet you knew this already. But you just needed a reminder. So force yourself to not check Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram et al for a week if you are feeling off-balance!

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5. Talk to an expert!

We know we asked you to keep to yourself, but talking to an expert is a pretty decent idea. For instance, go to a doctor if you have been feeling tired and sluggish. It could be that your vitamin levels are low and that’s your body giving you signals. If you are very confused regarding your career path, go to a career counsellor. Really, no shame in taking your life into your own hands! PS: Nowadays, there is something called a “Life Coach” who can guide you in all your life decisions! Worth a shot, we think.

things not going your way 5

6. Focus on the positives

Have you guys heard of the popular book and movie The Secret? It says that whatever we put out there in the universe, we get in return! So if we want positive results or changes in our life, we should practice gratitude and learn to feel happy. This, in turn, will bring us even more happiness! No guarantee that this works, but hey, no bad can come out of a positive attitude, right?

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7. Write things down!

Remember when we were little and we had that secret journal or diary? How much happiness it gave us to pen things down, right?! Even though, let’s be real, it was mostly about that crush we had. But writing can be a very freeing, cathartic experience. Start maintaining a journal. Write down your hopes, dreams and desires. Feel free to even write about what has been bothering you – for all you know, it will help you uncover your fears and face them better!

things not going your way 7

8. Do what makes YOU happy

We have this weird notion in life that we aren’t “supposed” to be happy all the time. We live in the shackles of such weird thoughts our brains conjure up; whereas, if you really think about it, it makes no sense. No one has ever said that we should not be happy! So do whatever it takes to get there. Go shopping, read a book (even if you’ve read it a million times before), meet your girl gang, go dancing, watch reality TV, spend an hour on funny YouTube videos. Do what makes YOU happy – don’t care about what others think about it. If you make happiness a personal habit, trust us, you will be impermeable. Nothing and no one will be able to get under your skin! Now, if that isn’t the ultimate life hack, we really don’t know what is!

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