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Sweaty Hair Fix: What To Do With Your Post-Workout Tresses

Sweaty Hair Fix: What To Do With Your Post-Workout Tresses

I was never an active person, workouts were a task, heck even getting out of bed was a task. I would eat one too many momos, go to work, come back and eat parathas for dinner and repeat. But then again I also never thought I’d live through a global pandemic and yet, here we are. It’s been three months since we’ve been locked up (albeit safely) in our homes and my irritability and sadness levels have been at an all-time high. Now, even that walk into the office or for a quick chai break doesn’t happen so I realised the only walks I was doing was to the bathroom and kitchen and then promptly plop myself back on the bed. 

For the sake of my mental health, I decided to pump in some much-needed endorphins into my body by dancing alongside 40-min non-stop cardio workouts (yes, that was a lowkey flex). But then a new problem emerged in my life- the problem of sweaty hair, I do care. After careful research and a trial and error method, I came to a simple three-point regime that I’m sure you’d benefit from too.

So, here is a three-step hair-care routine you can follow if you aren’t a fan of washing your hair every day like me.

Stretch out your wash and still look fab with these tips.

Step One: Spray In Dry Shampoo Before Working Out

Yup, we’ve all used dry shampoo after working out and it does give decent results when trying to combat sticky hair but if you use it before the workout it actually lays the foundation to prevent a lot of scalp sweat dampening your hair. Dry shampoos are made of really absorbent powders and if you coat your hair with them beforehand they are already waiting to soak up the extra moisture. It also disappears into your hair more seamlessly then. 

Step Two: Rocking An Updo During A Workout

During a workout, it’s important to keep your hair off your neck which is a key area for sweat collection. If silk or soft hair ties don’t work for your hair and your tresses open up mid-exercise, use a claw or clutch to tie it all up in a bun or top knot. For curly hair, a bigger clip may be more effective so that your curls don’t gather grease. You can also try to use hair-bands or sweatbands to get the hair off your forehead.

Step Three: Refreshing Your Scalp After Workout

After your training session, it’s important to refresh your hair so that it smells nice and doesn’t feel too filled with product. You can use a shower cap while bathing to keep your hair from being frizzy and also save it from getting wet. You can use a hair mist suitable for your hair type to add in some fragrance to your scalp. If your hair has become greasy, add some texturiser spray to your ends and run your fingers through it. 

I’ve been using this three-step method for the past few weeks and I can barely feel the difference once I let my hair dry. If you’re struggling with sweaty hair after your cardio sesh, give this method a try!

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03 Jul 2020

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