Essential Tips To Ensure You Don't Have To Wash Your Hair Every Day Post Work Out

Essential Tips To Ensure You Don't Have To Wash Your Hair Every Day Post Work Out

Let's be honest, I am writing this just so I can say that I workout and go to the gym #HumbleBrag. Well, not really. The thing is, I had this conversation with one of my work besties about haircare routines and how they change through the seasons and then she happened to bring up the gym conversation. She asked me if there was a way to not wash her hair every day after she gyms because it is thinning out her hair. I've had a pre- and post-haircare, skincare and makeup routine down pat for a REALLY long time. But thanks to my friend, I finally have a moment to talk about this.

Ladies, PLEASE DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR every day, under any circumstance. Please. It dries out your scalp, exposes your follicles to a lot more pollution, strips your hair of its natural oils and is the accelerator your hair needs to fall. This routine is not JUST for the gym, you could apply this routine even if you have a long day out and you just washed your hair the previous day or you want to go on one more day without a wash (we know that happens).

So here it is, a step-by-step pre- and post-workout hair care routine!

1. Dry Shampoo

Brush your hair well. Invest in a good dry shampoo. One hour before you are heading for your workout just spritz it generously into your hair and massage it in thoroughly. Not more than an hour because you do want it to be fresh when you sweat. The dry shampoo basically refreshes your scalp, so when you sweat it soaks in the sweat as well. 

2. Tie It Up Right

I usually tell people to avoid high and tight ponytails at all costs but when you're working out, you don't want to keep untying and retying your hair. Still, ponytails are a no-go. Instead, learn how to either french braid or dutch braid your hair. There are a lot of tutorials (or just click on the words and watch one of our own) out there. If you're too lazy to do that, just flip your hair upside down and tie a high bun above your head. Avoid using headbands especially if you don't want a kink right where your hairline is. Now go ahead and sweat it out. 

Bonus: If you braid, you'll have a cool lion mane and if you do the bun, Victoria's Secret waves won't be a secret anymore!

3. Untie And Rewind

Remember the dry shampoo from before, that's going to help now. Untie your hair and massage your scalp once again. Then brush through your hair. First, remove the tangles then go from root to tip. Then take a towel and dab your hairline. 

4. No Heat Blow Dry

Take your blow drier and put it on the cool setting. Now just dry your scalp to get the last bit of the sweat. Do this especially near your temples and at the base of your head above your nape, try not to get your ends too much. 

5. Serum

Finally, run some serum through your ends, and you're ready!

Seriously I have gone up to 3 days of working out and not washing my hair. This routine is fool-proof! Please go try it and do let me know if it worked for you as well!

PS. If you know you're going to wash your hair, instead of the dry shampoo just put in some oil before your sesh. The heat from your body will ensure the oil penetrates deep into the scalp giving you luscious locks when you wash!