Work It Girl! Here's Why Sweating It Out Is The Best Thing That You Can Do For Your Skin

Work It Girl! Here's Why Sweating It Out Is The Best Thing That You Can Do For Your Skin

If you've never worked out at the gym, you'd probably think that sweat is disgusting and super smelly. However, sweat is perceived differently for fitness junkies. It's a sign of accomplishment after an intense workout sesh. Making it part of your lifestyle helps to boost energy, maintain your weight, promote good sleep, improve your mood, and build muscle and immunity. Before you get too happy, here are two more reasons why you should celebrate - sweat has beauty benefits of hair and skin too! Whether you choose to sweat it out at the gym, during power yoga or going for a run down your building - you do whatever it takes for that glow and bouncy locks, you hear me?

5 Beauty Benefits Of Sweating For Hair & Skin

Sweat is probably one of the best gifts your body can give to you!

1. Sweat Is An Antibiotic

You don't need an antibacterial ointment when your skin can create it by itself. A small scratch, wound, mosquito bite, rash - your sweat can heal it! You see, your sweat glands can produce dermcidin that helps to sanitize the patch of skin and kill any bacteria on the surface.  

2. Sweat Is A Natural Cleanser


When you sweat, the pores of your skin open up and all the gunk, bacteria and dirt clogged inside of them gets realised. That's why it's super important to wash your face with a mild cleanser after working out. Also, when wiping your face, don't do it hastily, just pat dry with a hand towel. 

3. You Glow From Inside Out

Don't you just love the sight of dewy skin? Well, now you don't need makeup to achieve it! Sweat acts as a natural pop of highlighter. Let this sink in - when you exercise, blood gets circulated throughout the body, and that's responsible for making your skin glow from inside out! Plus post sweating and cleansing, your skin feels softer and looks dewier naturally just like JLo's

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4. Promotes Hair Growth


Enough about skin, let's talk about what sweat does for your hair. When you sweat from your scalp, it unclogs your hair follicles. This encourages hair growth. Sweat cleanses and pushes out any buildup and product residue. However, you have to wash your hair when it's dripping with sweat because it contains lactic acid. Plus, when mixed with keratin, it causes damage to not just your hair but scalp as well. The last thing that you want to deal with is hair fall and an itchy scalp. 

5. You're In A Happy Mood 24/7

You're probably wondering what's your mood got to do with your skin? EVERYTHING! If you're depressed or sad, it will show on your skin. Moods can put a hold on your skin's ability to heal and interrupt collagen production. Sweating while working out at a gym puts you in a better mood. The 'rush' caused due to intense training makes you sweat heavier and more endorphins are released in the process. That equals to a happier you with happier skin!

To make the most of that post-cardio glow, exercise>sweat>shower>repeat.

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