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How to build trust in relationship

Here’s How You Can Build Trust In A Relationship & Really Enjoy Your Time With Bae

Trust is probably the most important thing, am I right? It’s extremely difficult to build and breaks in the blink of an eye. The thing is that you cannot have a healthy relationship without it with your SO. Yet, virtually all of us can think of scenarios where either our trust has been broken or we have broken our partner’s. Relationships are everything because we are social creatures and maintaining them takes effort, commitment and will. So, today, we’re helping you understand how to build trust in a relationship and trust us, your bond will be more stable and reliable.

Tips On How To Build A Relationship On Trust

Let’s look at some ways you and your partner can learn how to rebuild trust in a relationship. We’ve got some tips that you can follow.

1. Prioritise Quality Time With Your Partner

Spending time and making memories together is essential for a healthy relationship and that means real-time. So get off your phones, plan vacations, have dinner dates or just sit with each other and talk about your day. 

2. Follow Through With Your Actions

Just saying that you’re going to do a certain thing isn’t enough, the point of learning how to build trust in a relationship is promising something and then following through with it. So don’t make promises you can’t keep. Instead, mull it over and discuss what you can do and what isn’t achievable. Keeping your word shows that you respect the other person and in turn, you will also get respect for it.

3. Get In Touch With Your Vulnerable Side

Yeah, it’s taken you lots of time to build up those walls but you’ve got to let people in. Showing your soul to someone can seem daunting, intimidating and awkward but you gotta take the risk to make it work. Talk about all the secret projects you have in the works or why you are scared to take the next step with them. It won’t be easy in the beginning but the more you let the other person in, the more comfortable your bond will become. That’s exactly how to develop trust in a relationship- with really deep diving with the other person.

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4. Respond To Their Needs

When understanding how to build trust in a relationship, you realise that it’s actually easy. You’re just telling your bae- I see you, I hear you and you’re important to me. Understand what they want and respond to that. This may mean making some adjustments and compromises but in the end, you can give up insignificant things for the person you love.

5. Don’t Act Quickly, Take A Beat To Think It Over

Saying no is okay and having boundaries is perfectly healthy. Don’t make commitments you aren’t happy to keep. If you agree to something and then don’t follow through, it’s a whole lot worse for everyone. So, saying no is fine if that’s what you really want. Not taking rash decisions but rather mulling it over and then deciding helps with that.

6. Respect Each Other

One of the tips to build trust in a relationship is that respecting each other is essential. Sure it’s something that comes naturally and you don’t really have to think about it but sometimes it slips away. Belittling the other person, criticizing his/ her decisions or being hostile can really cause irreparable damage to your bond.

7. Take Responsibility For Your Actions

You are a human after all and we do make mistakes. So when learning about how to build trust in a relationship again, taking responsibility for your actions and admitting the errors is a superb place to start. Acknowledging your shortcomings may be difficult but accountability proves that you are ready to make an effort to reconcile and you accept that it wasn’t the appropriate behaviour. Instead of blaming your partner, understand where you faltered, and let them know. This will encourage them to do the same.

Questions To Ask Your Partner To Build Trust In A Relationship

questions to ask your partner to build trust


If you don’t know where to begin, these questions to ask your partner to build trust can really be a good starting point.

Q -What’s the most embarrassing memory you have from school?

You’ve got to be vulnerable to see vulnerable and be emotionally open to see it in your partner. This question is silly, it’s fun and it’s nice to start from here together.

Q-What was your relationship with your family like?

This tells you a lot about a person- their formative years have a great impact on their psyche and so learning about their bond with their parents and siblings will help you understand what makes them tick.

Q- What accomplishment are you the proudest of?

This helps in understanding what their ultimate goal in life is. Accomplishments really show what matters to them the most and which path they would like to go ahead on.

Q- What’s your take on our relationship?

A very important question to ask your partner to build trust is what their take is on your relationship. This will help you get some clarity and help things be out in the open. It’s a more casual way of getting answers without putting them in a spot.

Q- What makes you feel loved?

We all want to feel loved but we all have different understandings of what love is and what it means. Everyone’s love language is different- acts of services, words of affirmation, receiving gifts etc and so learning about what works for your partner is important if you want to make them feel special.

Q- How can I help you?

Just like love, we all need support in different ways. Some people like time to themselves while others need to feel their partner’s presence. When talking about how to build trust in a relationship asking them how you can help them during a time of crisis is also crucial.

Trust Building Exercises To Try With Your Bae

If you’re going through a rocky phase and want to know how to rebuild trust in a relationship then these exercises could really help.

  • Give Your Partner A Small Random Task To Complete: Yes, they’ve broken your trust once but it doesn’t mean it’ll happen again. Give them something small to do and see how well they do it and how serious they are about it. 
  • Let Your Partner Go Through Your Phone: Social media can be a point of contention for many couples. Letting your partner see your phone shows that you’ve got nothing to hide and aren’t doing anything behind their back. This can especially help if you want to learn how to build trust in a relationship again.
  • Try New Activities Together: Venture out of your comfort zone and try things that your bae likes. Try out adventure sports if she is really into them, this will show that you’re willing to make an effort.
  • Create Your Own Language: This is a very effective way of communicating and telling your SO what you’re feeling. Talk about words or phrases that trigger you or those that make you feel better and you can both move from there.
  • Talk About Your Fears: Talk about what you’re afraid of in the relationship or in life. This will really help improve the foundation of your bond and it’s a great trust-building exercise

Games For Trust Building

Games for trust building in relationship


Keeping the spark alive is essential in a relationship so these games for trust-building could really work.

Blindfold Walk: Place obstacles along the way and blindfold yourself and trust that your partner is going to navigate you through them. Let him/her guide you with speech or touch, this will get you closer to each other and it’s a great trust-building exercise for couples.

Fall Back: Trust fall is another trust-building exercise that works well. Stand with open arms and then ask your partner to fall back without looking and trust that you will catch them. This especially works for people who aren’t able to give up control.

Fill In The Blanks: Write a few words and ask your partner to finish the sentences. For example- I like you because… This will help in bringing things to the forefront that are sometimes left unsaid.

We hope you liked our tips on how to build trust in a relationship. Remember, we’re rooting for you!

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24 Dec 2020

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