12 Things To Stop Doing If You Want A *Happy* Relationship!

12 Things To Stop Doing If You Want A *Happy* Relationship!

All relationships are fragile, but if you learn to master the one with your partner, it makes life so much easier! Lucky for you, there are things you can do that can save you from the disappointment of a bad relationship. Take our advice on this one and you’re sure to enjoy a (smooth) happily ever after! For a healthy relationship, here’s a list of don’ts you should mentally keep note of...

1. Don’t stop being polite

If you’ve let go of the habit of saying please, sorry and thank you to each other – then you may be headed toward a dangerous zone. Don’t take your partner for granted and make sure he doesn’t do the same.

2. Don't make him your universe

Don’t make your partner the centre of everything you do or plan. Whether it’s a bunch of fun girlfriends or a kickass job, there are a variety of other aspects that should complete your life.

3. Don't be distracted by your devices

One of the worst things about having a device that connects you to the rest of your world is being constantly distracted by it. Especially when your partner seeks attention from you.

4. Don’t get hung up on things

Learn to let the small things go. Holding on to past fights is unhealthy if you’re trying to move ahead and build a strong relationship.

5. Don't be overly critical

We all have shortcomings, but that doesn’t mean you should belittle your partner. It’s okay to give feedback to your partner about things that upset you, but let go of any tendency you might have to constantly criticize, and it’ll help dismiss negativity from your relationship.

6. Don't feel the need to agree with everything he says

You’ve grown up with having your opinions heard. In the hope of having a smooth-sailing relationship, don’t let go of that voice. A thriving relationship is built on compromises, from both people involved.

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7. Don't make assumptions

Assumption is easy. But the tales that you conjure in your head, once you’ve assumed something, spell trouble. It’s always better to lay things out in the open by discussing what’s bothering you.

8. Don’t let him feel insecure

A healthy relationship depends on your ability to steer clear of the insecurity zone. We all need that comfort of security!

9. Don't bring up everything during a fight

Sure, all couples fight. It’s healthy. But don’t make it nasty by bringing up everything from the past. Learn to lay those issues to rest.

10. Don't always wait for him to apologize

Self-respect is one thing, but it doesn’t mean every single time you two fight, you wait until he apologizes, while you give him the silent treatment. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s all about compromise.

11. Don't play the blame game

Putting the blame on the other person is easy. If you’re working through certain issues, try to put yourself in his shoes. That doesn’t mean you stay in a constant state of guilt - only that you don’t dump the entire blame on him, and do your bit to acknowledge your culpability too.

12. Don't lie

For a smooth relationship - honesty is the best policy. Lying is a trap that ruins not just relationships but other aspects of your life. Keep things simple by telling the truth, even if it may be the harder choice. GIFs: Giphy