10 Hair Braiding Tips To Swear By (Take Note, Girls!)

Rashmita SrinivasRashmita Srinivas  |  May 17, 2017
10 Hair Braiding Tips To Swear By (Take Note, Girls!)


Tired of leaving your hair loose, especially when braving the hot and humid weather these days? One hairstyle that is sure to make you look stunning and keep you comfy too, is the braid. It’s difficult to do, you say? Well, that’s exactly why we’re here to help. Here are 10 awesome tips and tricks to help you braid your hair perfectly!

1. Loose braids for volume

Loose braids for volume, Hair Braiding Tips

A loose braid is perfect for the summer as it is super airy and your hair will not get sweaty as the wind blowing through it will keep it dry. What’s even better is that a loose braid gives an illusion of intense volume which is so hard to fake when the hair is left open.

2. Skip the layers

If you plan on braiding your hair often, think ahead and don’t go in for too many layers or very steep layers when getting a haircut. If you have layers, you could opt for alternative braid styles as opposed to the classical style which can make your hair look a little limp at the ends.

3. Tame flyways

tame flyways, Hair Braiding Tips

If baby hair or short layers are your issue then fret not, some hair spray spritzed onto your comb and run through your fine hair can fix it immediately.

4. Messy braids are all the rage

Don’t bother with all the tight and neat classical hairstyles because messy braids are all the rage these days. Day old hair coupled with a little dry shampoo and voila, you are all set with the perfect messy braid. It is perfect for the busy gal during the summer months!

5. Add some volume

Straight hair tends, hair braiding tips

Straight hair tends to look a little fine when braided, so back comb a little to add some crown volume, and if you must add some more bounce, spritz on some volume-inducing spray. For those special occasions, opt for hair extensions to add a touch of glam.

6. Dirty hair wins

The best part about braids is that they look awesome, and in fact even better on unwashed hair. So, on days when you don’t have the time to wash your hair, this is the perfect go-to hairstyle.

7. Change up your braid

french and dutch braid,  hair braiding tips

The regular classic hair braid has given way to our faves – the French and the Dutch braid. Try a crown braid if you want to leave your hair loose but still want a little drama. Give a shot to different kinds of braided hairstyles, ladies.

8. The right kind of hair tie

Ladies, this is something basic, but very important for the entire look of your braid. The band you use to tie up the braid at the bottom has got to be tight enough so it doesn’t slip off and holds the braid in place, but not too tight as that will not only damage your hair, but also make your braid appear thinner and pulled than otherwise.

9. Products for some hold

Tips To Braid Your Hair, hair braiding products

Instead of using products prior to braiding, use them after you’ve braided it to make sure the look stays fresh and holds shape all day long. Plus the spray/ mist will also ensure that your hair holds the waves for a longer time once you open up that braid.

10. Silk pillowcase for silky tresses

In case you sleep with you hair in a braid (which you should) use a satin or silk pillowcase. This will keep frizz at bay and you will wake up to beautiful hair too! This tip is extremely beneficial for those with unmanageable and frizzy locks.

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