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How To Blow-Dry Your Hair At Home Like A Pro Ft. Florian Hurel

Even though most of the beauty salons have opened their doors for services, there’s always going to be a tiny amount of fear at the back of our minds when we visit them. If you’re someone who has cut down on making trips to the salon due to the pandemic, chances are, you’ve already become a pro at doing your eyebrows, nails, makeup and hair, at home!

Speaking of the latter, if you’re looking for hairstyle ideas for the party season, you’ve come to the right place. Florian Hurel, Brand Ambassador, Schwarzkopf Professional India, is going to teach you how to do a voluminous blow-dry at home so that you can make every hair flip count! 😉

A Step-By-Step Guide To Blow-Drying Your Locks At Home Ft. Florian Hurel

woman using a hair curler


Ready to get that VA VA Voom locks? Let’s go!

What You Need:

  • Hair mousse
  • Blow dryer
  • Cream wax
  • Hair spray
  • Round brush

Step 1: Prepare the hair with OSIS+Grip. Using your fingers, apply the mousse evenly all over using your fingers and a scrunching action


Step 2: With a nozzle attached and a blow dryer set to medium heat, begin drying the hair until 75% dry. 



Step 3: Use the nozzle to direct and lift the hair roots first with your fingers and then, with a vent brush. 

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Step 4: Switch the dryer to high heat setting and with the help of a medium round brush, start shaping the rest of the hair, until complete. 

Step 5: For a fun element, add texture to the hair with Osis+Flexwax. Take a coin size amount of wax, rub the palms together to heat the product and apply to the tips of the hair with your fingers.

Step 6: Fix the style with OSIS Session Label Super Dry Fix SPRAY, and you’re done!

And that’s how you get salon-like voluminous locks at home! 💁🏻‍♀️

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10 Dec 2020

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