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#GetTheLook: How To Scrunch Your Hair Like A Pro

#GetTheLook: How To Scrunch Your Hair Like A Pro

Forget about spending hours ironing your locks and working out those arms, scrunching your mane is the best way to enhance your natural waves and curls.

It requires no heat and is the easiest way to rock fabulous locks without the hassles of any tools, while embracing your unruly affair. Straight-haired girls can also try this easy chic style to bring some texture to their strands.

So here's how to scrunch your hair like a pro in a few super simple steps for gorgeous bouncy locks that will make you fall in love with your curls.


Step 1 – Start With Wet Hair

A lot of voluminous and textured styles do work best on unwashed hair but scrunching needs to be done on hair that is clean and wet. Don’t try and scrunch your strands when dry, as that could lead to frizziness. Shampoo your locks well and run a wide tooth comb through your tangles while conditioning, don’t forget to rinse thoroughly.

Step 2 – Towel Dry With Care

Once out of the shower, gently squeeze out excess water with your hands, then take your towel and begin carefully pressing sections of hair, starting from the bottom and squeezing till the mid-lengths in a scrunching manner. Do this section by section until there is no extra water dripping from your mane. Make sure to use your towel to scrunch and not rub your hair as that can cause hair fall as well as frizziness.  Do not brush or comb your hair either.


Step 3 – Enhance Your Curls

Apply a volumizing curl-enhancing mousse, spray or serum. Wella Elastic Energy Curl Enhancing Mousse or TRESemme Mousse Extra Hold Curl Enhancer are perfect. Put a small amount of mousse on both your hands and apply by squeezing sections of hair till you have scrunched your whole hair. It’s important to apply the product on your ends and mid lengths only as it can weigh down your locks if you apply it on to your roots. For extra volume, you can flip your head over and crumple each section.


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Step 4 – Scrunch Away

Let your hair dry naturally and avoid brushing or combing as that could open up your curls and cause them to frizz up. Keep scrunching your locks every 10 minutes until your hair is dry, taking sections in a random manner as the look is not meant to look too perfect and uniform.

Tricks To Styling Your Hair Without Using Heat

Step 5 – Add Gloss

Once your hair is dry, stop touching it to avoid causing frizz. Just add a bit of serum or a few spritzes of a shine spray like Toni and Guy Finishing Shine Spray away from the roots to add a healthy, glossy finish to your lively waves. Get ready to stand out with your bouncy locks :)

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