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14 DIY Gifts For Father’s Day To Show Him Just How Much You Love & Care

Father’s Day 2022 is falling on 19th June 2022 and we just can’t keep calm! Remember when you were a kid and you would just draw dad a picture, give him a tight hug and wish him a happy father’s day? He loved it, didn’t he? Well, how about going back to basics and making a homemade gift for father’s day that tugs at his heartstrings! Of course, if you’re lost, we’re here to help. We’ve curated a list of 14 handmade gifts for father’s day that he’ll surely love. 

So, guys and girls, raid your craft closet and get to work on these homemade gifts for father’s day!

DIY Gifts For Father’s Day!

Best Diy fathers day gift ideas


Homemade gifts for father’s day show that you care and are easy on the pocket too. Plus it’s something your pops will always keep close to his heart! Scroll ahead to check out homemade gifts for father’s day that can be made quickly!

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Greeting Card For Dad

Let’s put the easiest first. A handmade greeting sounds like the perfect way to kickstart father’s day!

DIY Colorful Paper Tie

Gifting your dad a tie may be a cliche gift, but what if you made it yourself! You can make an interesting paper tie for your dad and write a sweet quote on it or probably stick a picture of you both. 

Printable Bottle Tags

You can print funny, inspirational, quirky, emotional messages on card stock and then attach them to his all-time favourite drink!

Beer Bouquet!

Making a beer bouquet is one of the best DIY father’s day gift ideas which your dad is surely gonna love! To make an epic beer bouquet, you can start by making a basic six-pack fit by dressing each bottle with simple yet beautiful paper flowers. 

World’s Best Father Trophy

This father’s day, let your dad know he’s the best father with a one-of-a-kind trophy by using materials such as cardboard, glue, glitter paints!

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Rock Paperweights

There may be numerous ideas for handmade gifts for father’s day, but this one is super special. Collect rocks and use them as paperweights. Cover them with interesting materials or write something down, let your imagination run wild! 

‘Mere Papa The Great’ Sash

This is one of the cutest DIY father’s day gift ideas! Make a ‘Mere Papa The Great’ sash for him using cloth or paper and do it up to suit his style. There, that’s all you need! 

Mug For Your Father’s Chai Time

One of the best homemade gifts for father’s day is a personalised mug. Get it printed with a pic of his, his fave quote or just about anything else you know he’ll fancy! Don’t forget to fill it with his fave sweets when you present it to him. 

Memory Book

A memory book with pics, quotes, anecdotes sounds like the perfect handmade father’s day gift. Get started on it early and make sure you don’t miss out on anything! He’ll totally be floored. 

Breakfast in Bed

Lockdown has surely made most of us masterchefs! So put those newly earned skills to good use and surprise daddy with delicious breakfast in bed. 

Picture Perfect

One of the best DIY gifts for father’s day is making a portrait of his! If you’ve got the skills, then why not! He’ll be touched by all the effort you put in. You can even consider a caricature or use an app to get it all together! 

DIY Charging Station

Is your father careless about his mobile phone and accessories? Then one of the best DIY gift ideas for father’s day is to prepare a DIY holder for charging cell phones. You can make good use of old plastic bottles for the same. 

                                                                                                                                                 Also Read: Best Fathers Day Poems 

Personalized T-shirt

Making a personalized T-shirt is super easy and fun and is one of the coolest DIY gifts for father’s day. 

Wallet Size Picture Frame

One of the best homemade gift ideas for father’s day is a wallet size picture frame that he can carry around everywhere he goes. Do it up with his fave colours and add some cute elements for effect. 

We hope these ideas for handmade gifts for father’s day have set your imagination on fire! Just add a bucket full of love and a pinch of creativity and it’s all you need. A big shoutout to all the dads out there… Happy Father’s Day!

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17 May 2021

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