Start Your Day With A Bang: 6 Reasons To Sneak In A Quickie Before WFH Begins

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Jul 2, 2020
Start Your Day With A Bang: 6 Reasons To Sneak In A Quickie Before WFH Begins


If sweeping papers off the desk and getting naughty with your partner at the workplace is your sexual fantasy, then we hope you’re having a great time these days. With the ‘new normal’ and the current work from home scenario, we’re all trying to get used to this lifestyle. While most of us already have, some of us are still struggling to make time between household chores and work commitments. But there is one thing that won’t ask for too much of your time. Sex! Sneaking in a quickie at the beginning of the day or during lunch hours will be a far more relaxing experience than it is right now. 

It will fill you up with a lot of energy and will release endorphins to help your brain work faster. Need more reasons? Here are seven that will totally help! And then some more *wink wink*!

Reasons To Fit A Quickie In Your Day If You’re Working From Home

Read on to find out!

Sex is an energy booster


Just how something exciting gives you an adrenaline rush, a quickie will do the same for you. It’s simple–if you have a great start to your day, you will spend the rest of it thinking about the fun you had. This will, in turn, keep your energy levels super high!

Sex makes you more creative

A study conducted in 2015 at the University of Newcastle found that daily sex boosts creativity. Sounds like the best way to cure a writer’s block to me!

Sex makes you feel desired and wanted


Well, no matter how fun is your relationship, sex will take it up a notch. Having regular sex can make you feel good about yourself and that can add a lot of oomph, not just to your relationship but to your life in general.

Sex breaks the monotony

It can get really boring to be in one place for such a long time. A little change of routine can help boost your productivity. And when that change is in the form of sex, who wouldn’t want it that way?

Sex has many health benefits


Just like you have to take your meds regularly to be healthy, you have to have sex on a regular basis to reap all its benefits. It may be tough for us to spend a lot of time in the bedroom given the longer than usual work hours, but a quickie never asks for much anyway. Reduce your stress and get that glow without having to go to a spa or a salon. How awesome is that?!

Sex can make the bond stronger

It’s easy to run out of topics to talk about when you’re spending all the time together. Having regular sex can actually strengthen your relationship with your partner and help make it stronger.

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